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Network connection & support

Concordia provides high speed wired network connection, installation, and support to users on both the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses.

Who can use it?

Students living in a Concordia residence, faculty, and staff.

How much does it cost?

New connections, activations, and support are generally free of charge.

In certain cases there is a fee for the purchase of new equipment or installation of cabling. A quote can be supplied by IITS for these cases by contacting the Service Desk.

How to get it

  • Requests for wired network connection should ideally be submitted by a department administrator to the Service Desk. The request should include the exact service needed, the jack number (if activation is required), and the user's netname. If you do not have a designated department administrator, you may still place a request for approval by the network technicians.

Service availability




If you are requesting a new wired network connection, the IP address information will automatically be provided by IITS.

Static IP addresses or DNS name requests for other purposes should be directed to the Service Desk. Please note that the Service Desk will require your netname and jack number to process this request.

You can remotely connect to your workstation by using your workstation’s hostname. This information can be retrieved from your workstation by opening a web browser and typing in the URL field “” (without the quotes). Your hostname is in the “Host and Domain Name” section.

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