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Faculty profiles


Humanities PhD students are able to draw on the expertise and creative excellence of outstanding scholars and artists at Concordia. Students create their own path and pursue unique interdisciplinary projects of research or research-creation (which combines creative practice with scholarly investigation) under the mentorship of an advisory committee of three faculty members: a Major field supervisor (usually in the same discipline as the student’s MA or MFA) and two Minor field advisors.

Applicants to the Humanities program are required to approach Concordia faculty members who could serve on their advisory committee, and upload confirmations from them as part of their application. Consult the guide on how to approach potential advisors. For any questions, please get in touch with the Humanities director at


Learn more about full-time faculty members in departments across the Faculties of Arts and Science and Fine Arts.

Below is a list of Concordia faculty members who have served on Humanities students’ advisory committees over the last few years. 

  • Distinguished University Research Professor, Communication Studies
    Media and Cultural Theory, Film and Moving Image Studies, Cultural History, Audiovisual Technology, Popular Culture, Media Industries
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Community, Mobility, Travel, Transnational links, Elites and Youth
  • Professeur titulaire, Études françaises
    translation theory and history, postcolonial studies, and cultural theory. He is considered a leading scholar in postcolonial translation theory and history, transcultural and transnational studies, decoloniality, with particular interest in Africa and its diaspora, as well as encounters between the Global South and the Global North.
  • Associate Professor, History
    Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Development, School of Graduate Studies
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Critique of Political Economy, Marxist Theory, Cultural and Critical Theory
  • Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair (Tier I) in Literature and Sound Studies, English
    Victorian literature & culture / 19th century print culture & rhetoric, history of technology, sound recording, poetry
  • Professor, History
  • Professor, History
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    sound, mobility studies, critical disability studies, technology, research-creation
  • Professor, Communication Studies
  • Professor, Religions and Cultures
    Shiism, Sunni-Shiite relations,Women and Islam,Islamic Law, Islam in the West
  • Professor, Philosophy
    Contemporary Epistemology/Experimental Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind/Philosophy of Psychology/Cognitive Science, History and Philosophy of Science
  • Professor and Canada Research Chair In Game Studies & Design, Communication Studies
    game studies, qualitative research methods, new media, popular culture.
  • Associate Dean and Professor, English
  • Associate Professor, Communication Studies
    Canada Research Chair in Critical Disability Studies and Media Technologies
    Director, Access in the Making (AIM) Lab
    critical disability studies, performance studies, research-creation, medical anthropology, environmental humanities
  • Associate Professor, English
    Renaissance literature / Shakespeare / Milton / gender studies / philosophy & literature / critical theory
  • Professeure agrégée, Études françaises
    translation, technologies, digital world, minority and low-resource language translation, Romani, localization, humanitarian, community translation, Indigenous, multilingual
  • Professor, Religions and Cultures
    Iranian History, Religions of Iran, Zoroastrianism, Kurdish Religion, Central Asian history, Tajiks, Ossetia, Caucasus
  • Irish history, School of Irish Studies
  • Professor, English
    Restoration & 18th century British literature / drama / the novel / literary criticism / 20th century American popular culture / media theory
  • Professor, Liberal Arts College
  • Professor, Philosophy
    Contemporary European Philosophy (in particular Critical Theory, Deconstruction); Social and Political Philosophy; Ethics; Environmental Philosophy
  • Full Professor, English
    Fellow, School of Irish Studies
    modernism / postmodernism / philosophy & literature / modern & contemporary literature / Samuel Beckett / Guy Davenport / urban and mobility studies
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    experimental media arts; alternative media; Expo 67; identity and cultural politics
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Professor, English
    early modern literature / Bloomsbury / poetics / literary history
  • Full Professor, History
    Founding Member, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling
    deindustrialization, oral history, public history, memory, forced migration, genocide, urban change, industrial heritage, Montreal, North America, Newfoundland, Bermuda, Trinidad
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Anthropology of the Senses, Sensory Ethnography, Law and Society, Culture and Commerce, Art and Aesthetics
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Food and Sustainability, Social Economy, World-System Studies
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Professor, History
    Latin America, gender, religion, crime, contraception, deviancy, Mexico, fiction, race, medicine
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Creolization, Language and Culture, Food
  • Professor, School of Irish Studies
    Co-Founder, School of Irish Studies, Concordia University
    Honorary Consul General for Quebec, Government of Ireland, 2002-2022
    Principal, School of Irish Studies, 2009 - 2021
    Co-Founder, Canadian Irish Studies Foundation
    Trustee, Canadian Irish Studies Foundation, 2022-
    Concordia University Chair in Canadian Irish Studies, 2002-2017
    Recipient, Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad, 2019
    Recipient, Honorary Doctorate, National University of Ireland, 2014
    Recipient, Honorary Doctorate, University of Innsbruck, 2012
    Academic Leadership Award, Concordia University, 2012
    Recipient, Montreal Community Award, St. Patrick's Society of Montreal, 2009
    Named to the Global Irish 100 list by Irish America Magazine, 2009
    Grand Marshall, St Patrick’s Day Parade, Montreal, 2002
    Editor, Canadian Journal of Irish Studies, 2000-2003
    Irishman of the Year, United Irish Societies of Montreal, 1997
    Chair, International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures, 1994-2000
    President, St. Patrick’s Society, 1993-1996
    President, Canadian Association for Irish Studies, 1987-1990
  • Professor, Marketing
    3M National Teaching Fellow
    Sensory Design; Governance and Public Health, Food and Foodservice Marketing, Consumer Education, Communication Strategies
  • Professor, History
    Memory/Heritage/Museums, Jewish-Polish Heritage, Decolonial Museology in East Central Europe
  • Professor, English
    Professeur titulaire, Études françaises
  • Associate Professor, Applied Human Sciences
    Arts based research and Wellbeing of Indigenous Youth Ethical Considerations of Arts Based Research Creative Practices in Teaching in Higher Education Facilitation Skills Ethical Know How
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    Canada Research Chair in Feminist Media Studies
    Director, Feminist Media Studio
    feminist media studies; contemporary art and activism; queer theory; migration studies; globalization; border theory; feminist STS; infrastructure studies; critical race studies; affect; research-creation; environmental humanities

  • Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies
    Feminisms, Women's Movements, Intersectionality and EDI
  • Associate Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies
  • Professor, Political Science
  • Full Professor, Simone de Beauvoir Institute & Womens Studies
  • Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Cultural geography, Restaurants in Montreal, Gravestones in Iceland and the Caribbean.
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Social and Cultural Theory, Journalism and Media Sociology
  • Professor, Political Science
    Director of the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Professor, English
    Renaissance literature / Shakespeare / nationalism / fantasy / literary publics / popular literature
  • Affiliate Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Queering Suburbia, Queer Generationality and Urban Change, Queer Urbanisms and Gentrification, LGBTQ+ Activisms and Public Space, Queering Municipal Governance, Historical Geographies of Sexualities, Lesbian Studies.
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    political economy, labour market intermediaries, workforce development, artisanal cooperatives, social/solidarity economy, economic restructuring
  • Past Chair, Canadian Jewish Studies, Religions and Cultures
    Canadian Jewish Studies, North American Literature, Holocaust Studies, Eastern Europe, Yiddish literature, Creative Writing
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Anthropology
    Rural Canada, inequality, community development, social capital, comparative policy
  • Professor, History
  • Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Urban politics, urban planning, and urban security/policing in Canada.
  • Professor, Political Science
    Professor, School of Community and Public Affairs
    The politic of citizenship; Aboriginal peoples; ethnocultural diversity; nationalism; Quebec and Canadian politics
  • Associate Professor, Political Science
    International Relations; Security; Strategic Studies
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Digital Culture, Science and Technology, Social Theory
  • Distinguished University Research Professor, Études françaises
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    ageing studies; activist ageing; critical disability studies; mobile media; research creation; community based research; cultural discourses of age; social media as a representational force for generating knowledge about ageing subjects; ageing and technology
  • Professor Emeritus, Communication Studies
    Critical Cultural Studies, Intermedia Arts, Residual and Emergent Media, Media Archaeology, Studies of Cultural Production, Experimental Film, Web Docs, Graphic Design
  • Associate Professor, English
    creative writing / 19th century drama & literature / anatomical waxworks / botanical gardens / medical history
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    Media History, Material Religion, Religion & Media, History of Photography, Technology and Culture, Print Culture, Spiritualism Magic and the Occult, Science and Technology Studies, History of the Body.
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Sociolegal Studies, Social and Political Theory, Constitutional Law, Aboriginal Law, Criminology
  • Professor and Graduate Program Director, Theological Studies
    Religion and Politics, Religion and Human Rights, Orthodox Christianity and Gender, Early Christianity / Patristics, Ecumenism
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Law and Society, Criminal Accusation, Social Theory, Hermeneutic Phenomenology, Cultural Studies, Sound studies, Metal Studies, Extreme Metal, Religion and Modernity
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    environmental and ecological humanities; atomic photography; nuclear and atomic history and aesthetics; cultural theory; writing as method; north and nordicity; monuments, archives and memory; risk and futurity
  • Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
    Quebec, Social Movements, Politics, Popular Culture
  • Associate Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair, Media & Contemporary Literature, Tier 2, English
    media history / video game studies / communication studies / contemporary literature / avant-garde poetics

  • Professor, Studio Arts
    continge, embodiment, senses, generativity, media arts, participation, audience, interactivity, installation, digital technologies, human body, organ transplants, art practice, kinetic, sculpture, installation, drawing, art medicine, art and technology, transdisciplinary, automata
  • Professor, Music
    director, matralab - lab for research-creation in the performing arts
    matrabox EV 4.502 matraoffice FB 630.23/25, Fine Arts
    music, musicking, music composition, comprovisation, research-creation, transdisciplinary aesthetics, interactive scores, trans-traditional musicking, experimental theatre, situative scores, dramaturgy, performance, contemporary music, improvisation, intercultural music, artistic research, music notation, music technology, voice, computer music, opera, music theatre, piano music, orchestra music
  • Assistant Professor, Studio Arts
  • Associate Professor, Theatre
    Directing, Acting, Creation & Playwriting, Dramaturgy, Avant Garde Theatre, Devising, Dance Theatre, Performance Studies, Theatre for Social Change, Cultural Continuity, Indigenous Storytelling, Landscape Connectivity, Embodiment, Youth Culture
  • Professor, Art Education
    complex dynamic systems, arts-based learning, teaching training, social media, internet studies, urban futures, pedagogy, curriculum development, data visualization, place, democratic values, youth media, youth engagement, social justice education, youth culture, critical disability studies
  • Professor of Craft Studies, Art History
    Associate Dean, Academic Programmes and Pedagogy, Fine Arts
    critical craft studies, women's cultural philanthropy, feminism, material culture, handmade, social movements, textile arts, Arts and Crafts movement, Victorian Child migration, Irish studies, materiality, decorative arts, Canadian cultural history, design history, ornament, tradition/modernity, ceramics, canadian art history, curatorial practices, craftivism
  • Assistant Professor, Art History
    Assistant Professor, Cinema
    interactivity and immersion; public art and social engagement; affect; haunting and spectrality; cultural studies; visual and material cultures; museums and archives; critical race studies; settler and postcolonial studies.
  • Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Concordia University Research Chair in Integrated Design And Sustainability for the Built Environment (IDEAS-BE)
    Founding Co-Director, Next Generation Cities Institute
    design studies, sustainability studies, architecture studies, built environment, cities, eco-design, eco-architecture, public space design, architecture competitions, teaching buildings, sustainability assessment tools, complex dynamic systems
  • Professor, Art History
    Contemporary art, material culture, critical museology, curatorial practice, exhibition design, thing theory, non-traditional research, research-creation methodologies, radical research methods, art + sci transdisciplinarity, leadership issues in arts administration, death studies (developing)
  • Professor, Art History
  • Professor, Art History
    Associate Dean, Faculty Relations & Inclusion, Fine Arts
    meaning, Canadian art history, selfhood, women artists, subjectivity, colonialism, indigenous-settler relations, aesthetics, art historiography, 19th century, art-historical method, feminism, visual culture, Canadian cultural history, art theory, art and philosophy, material culture, identity
  • Associate Professor, Art History
    Tier 1 Concordia University Research Chair in Circumpolar Indigenous Arts, Art History
    Co-Director, Indigenous Futures Cluster, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, Hexagram-Concordia
    Director, Inuit Futures in Arts Leadership
    Special Advisor to the Provost, Advancing Indigenous Knowledges
    Circumpolar Indigenous arts, Inuit, Metis, First Nations, Indigenous art and art history, curatorial practice, critical museology, Indigenous futures, sovereignty, continuity, decolonization, indigenization, contemporary art, new media, performance art, community consultation, collaborative art practices
  • Associate Professor, Theatre
    Concordia University Research Chair in Performative Urbanism (2018-2023), Fine Arts
    site-specific performance practice, dramaturgy, intermedial theatre, scenography & performance design, 3D technologies & immersive storytelling, queer art practices, hemispheric performance, art & public space, theatre & architecture
  • Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Practices in Materials and Materiality (New Scholar), Design and Computation Arts
    Materiality; Waste Remediation; Waste Infrastructures; Urban Futures; Bio-Inspired Design; Critical Design; Design for Sustainability; Biocomposites; Biomaterials; Active Materials; Surfaces and Scaffolds
  • Professor of Contemporary Art History, Art History
    Concordia University Research Chair in Critical Curatorial Studies and Decolonizing Art Institutions (Tier 1)
    Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Asian Diasporic Visual Culture and the Americas (Brill)
    Graduate Program Director (GPD), as of July 1, 2023, Art History
  • Distinguished University Research Professor, Art History
    Research Chair and Director, Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art
    Editor-in-chief, Journal of Canadian Art History/Annales d'histoire de l'art canadien
    Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC)
  • Professor, Creative Arts Therapies
    witness function of art, response-art, survival strategies, trauma, Holocaust art, genocide studies, racial discrimination, art therapy, art psychotherapy, ethics of reception, art and psychoanalysis, postmodern theory, creativity, heuristic paradigm
  • Chair of the School of Cinema; Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Film Studies (Hon.), Cinema
    General and applied semiotics, philosophy (Peirce and pragmatism, Wittgenstein and the philosophy of language, epistemology, hermeneutics, aesthetics), classical and contemporary film theories, modern and postmodern film, narrative theory, cultural studies, cinéma québécois, Hollywood cinema, Hitchcock, Eisenstein, Truffaut, Godard and the French New Wave.
  • Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Primary Investigator (LabLabLab)
    history of games, game studies and design, digital games, adventure games, interactive narrative, genre, narrative, 3d Imaging, interactivity, interaction design, rendering, computer graphics, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, virtual environments, interface design
  • Professor of Computation Arts, Design and Computation Arts
    University Research Chair in Computational Media and the Indigenous Future Imaginary
    Special Advisor to the Provost on Indigenous Spaces
    Co-director, Indigenous Futures Research Centre
    Director, Initiative for Indigenous Futures
    Co-director, Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace
    Co-director, Skins Workshops on Aboriginal Storytelling and Digital Media
    Indigenous new media, Indigenous futures, digital poetry, the future imaginary, computational typography, computational culture, media arts, digital games, game studies and design, digital textuality, experimental typography, virtual environments, poetry, typographic design, computational aesthetics, Indigenous Peoples, mobile media, interface design, digital culture, science fiction

  • Professor, Studio Arts
    Professor, Cinema
    process philosophy, neurodiversity, research-creation, ProTactile, blackness, ecology
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
    women and film/media, feminist media studies, creative economy, women's cinephilia, feminist theory, contemporary auteur cinema, moving image studies, postmodernism, globalization and women's cinema, silent films, film/media theory, theories of national cinemas, critical theory, screen culture, history of the moving image, French cinema, Italian cinema, Spanish cinema, literary theory
  • Associate Professor, Design and Computation Arts
    Undergraduate Program Director, Design, Design and Computation Arts
    humour and parody, playfulness, social change, visual communication, information design, semiotics, design theory, typographic design, satire, new media studies, art practice, Cuddle Commandos, installation, performance art, sculpture, storytelling, interactivity, everydayness, design economies, graphic design
  • Assistant Professor, Studio Arts
    contemporary art, Indigenous Art, research-creation, art practice, Indigenous Peoples, visual arts, Indigenous knowledges, decolonization, Algonquin, cultural continuity, transcultural objects, cultural identity, sculpture, installation, video, public art, beadwork, photography, fibres, performance art, experimental theatre
  • Associate Professor, Theatre
  • Associate Professor, Cinema
    global media, digital culture, China/Asia, cultural theory, political theory, overdevelopment
  • Professor (Film Production); Concordia Research Chair in Experimental Nonfiction Practices, Cinema
  • Chair, Art History
    Associate Professor, Art History
    modernism, architecture, built environment, material culture, synthesis of the arts, post-WW2 reconstruction, Cold War, social history of art,Christian art and culture, Roman Catholic Church, Second Vatican Council, print culture, public art, abstraction in visual art, utopian thought, theological aesthetics, photography, history of the avant-garde, historiography
  • Department Chair, Art History
    Professor, Art History
    Associate Editor, Journal of Design History
    Member, Centre for Sensory Studies
    Design History; Orientalism in Design & Art; Visual & Material Cultures of Masculinity; Modernism in Art, Design & Fashion; History of Interior Design; Fashion Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Psychoanalysis; Phenomenology; Body Studies & the Senses
  • Distinguished Professor Emerita, Design and Computation Arts
    Member, Textiles and Materiality Cluster, Milieux Institute
    Chair, Dept. of Design and Computation Arts (2010-12)
    Academic Co-Founder and Fellow, School of Irish Studies
    2019 Recipient, Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad
    Concordia Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2015
    Distinguished Teaching Award, Faculty of Fine Arts, 2014
    design justice, built environment, critical materiality, food studies, design theory, domestic space, Irish studies, Expo 67, fibres and wearables, ecosophy, culture and commemoration, mindful eating
  • Distinguished Professor, Film Studies, Cinema
    cinephilia, experimental cinema, Japanese cinema, ethnographic film, women and film/media, cultural studies, film/media theory, criticism, North American cinema, melodrama, Walter Benjamin, phantasmagoria, classic Hollywood, film/media historiography, moving image studies, urban futures, cinema, Japan, sound, history of media arts
  • Professor Emeritus, Design and Computation Arts
    University Research Chair in New Media, Technology and the Senses
    Co-Director, Hexagram Network for Research-Creation in Media Arts, Design, Technology and Digital Culture
    Director, Hexagram Concordia
    Associate Director, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology
    Director, xmodal
    immersion, machine learning, new media theory, STS, performance, haptics, senses, embodiment, digital audio, sensory studies, sensory ethnography, interaction design, media art history, sound design, critical AI studies, posthumanism, philosophy of technology, enactive cognition, research-creation
  • Professor, Art History
    Contemporary Art, Canadian Art since the 1960s, Landscape, Art and Aesthetics, Visual Culture, Urban Art and Culture
  • Associate Professor, Theatre
    oral history performance, listening/hearing, experimental theatre, research-creation, social innovation, documentary theatre, walking, participatory processes, sound, activism, war and memory, theatre for social change, relational art, storytelling, representation, drama/performance, violence, performance studies, Latin America, participatory art
  • Professor, Theatre
    Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
    performance studies, material performance, avant-garde and experimental theatre, animation of public space, object theatre, performance ethnography, Hemispheric performance, magic,cantastoria, political circus, parades, pageantry, collective creation, festival, pedagogy
  • Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices, Art Education
    performance studies, dance studies, writing and writing pedagogies, performing arts, gender and sexuality, feminist theory, movement, the body, embodiment, theories of everyday life, art and climate change, art and the environment
  • Concordia University Research Chair in Art + Education for Sustainable and Just Futures (Tier 1)
    Professor, Art Education
    Co-Director, Textiles and Materiality cluster, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology
    Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada
    socially engaged art, public pedagogies, place, posthumanism, environmental justice, human-animal ethics, interdisciplinarity, science-art collaborations, museum education, research-creation, oral histories, mapping, walking, hand-based and digital textiles, photography, collage, audio walks, urban futures, community arts, St. Lawrence River, Montreal, Iceland
  • Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Inclusion, Fine Arts
    Distinguished University Research Professor, Cinema
    muselogy, feminism, moving image technologies, portable film technologies, cultural histories of cinema, moving image studies, film/media historiography, women and film/media, film/media theory, cultural studies, history of media arts, cinema, sound, television, web videos, critical curatorial studies, emergent media
  • Associate Professor, Contemporary Dance
    Co-chair of the Concordia University Task Force on Anti-Black Racism
    dance dramaturgy, contemporary circus, choreographic practice, transdisciplinarity, performing arts, dance technique, identity, ethnicity, voice, movement, performance, improvisation, human body, decolonial dramaturgies

  • Professor, Marketing
    3M National Teaching Fellow
    Sensory Design; Governance and Public Health, Food and Foodservice Marketing, Consumer Education, Communication Strategies

Interdisciplinary Teams

Through their advisory committee, Humanities students gain access to Concordia’s many outstanding interdisciplinary teams. Learn more about these teams below:

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