Faculty members


  • Eldad Tsabary
    Associate Professor, Music
    Chair, Department of Music
    Co-director, Performing Arts Research Cluster (Le PARC)

    sound-focused aural training, laptop orchestra, electroacoustic studies, research-creation, listening/hearing, aural perception, participatory action research, live coding, live electroacoustics, collaborative learning tools, motivation, music composition, improvisation, music making, sound, decolonization, neurodiversity, collaborative education
  • Mark Corwin
    Professor, Music

    electroacoustic studies, music composition, listening/hearing, aural perception, acoustics, performing arts, music making, digital sound technology, sound design, recording arts, performance art, surround projection, surround recording, sound, interactivity, surround sound, recording engineering, location recording
  • Christine Beckett
    Associate Professor, Music

    auditory perception & cognition, neuroimaging, ear training, sight singing, dictation, multi-part structures, musical notation, music reading/dyslexia, music education, memory, creativity, emotions, improvisation, traditional musics
  • Joshua Rager
    Associate Professor, Music
    Coordinator - Jazz Studies, Music

    jazz, improvisation, piano, music composition, musical ensembles, solo performance, jazz culture, musical accompaniment, performing arts, jazz theory, ear training, rhythm, music theory, listening/hearing, music education
  • Georges Dimitrov
    Lecturer, Music


  • Kevin Austin
    Professor, Music

    music composition, electroacoustic studies, aural acuity, aural skills, ear training, aural perception, live electroacoustics, tonal music theory, atonal music theory, psychoacoustics, metamusic, metalinguistics, James Joyce, metempsychosis, pedagogy, curriculum development, synesthesia
  • Sandeep Bhagwati
    Professor, Music
    director, matralab - lab for research-creation in the performing arts
    matrabox EV 4.502 matraoffice FB 630.23/25, Fine Arts

    music, musicking, music composition, comprovisation, research-creation, transdisciplinary aesthetics, interactive scores, trans-traditional musicking, experimental theatre, situative scores, dramaturgy, performance, contemporary music, improvisation, intercultural music, artistic research, music notation, music technology, voice, computer music, opera, music theatre, piano music, orchestra music
  • Ricardo Dal Farra
    Professor, Music

  • Charles Ellison
    Associate Professor, Music

  • Baron Tymas
    Associate Professor, Music

  • Andrea Young
    Lecturer, Communication Studies
    Lecturer, Music

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