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Eldad Tsabary, Department of Music, Chair

Eldad Tsabary, Department of Music, Chair

Hello everyone, 

I am excited to welcome you to Concordia University’s Department of Music—a diverse, inclusive, hands-on, rigorous, fun, and brave educational space for music and sound lovers.

The Department features three distinct areas of study:

(1) The first university-level jazz program created in Canada, Concordia's Jazz Studies Area is an intimate, safe, and community-centred space for experimentation, improvisation, and collaboration. Through innovation rooted in tradition, the jazz area celebrates both the old and the new with joy and love.

(2) Home of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra, the Electroacoustic Studies Area is dedicated to hands-on explorations of the boundless wonders of sound design, acoustics, psychoacoustics, composition, performance, and improvisation with technology and coding.

(3) Featuring specializations in composition and performance, the MUSI Area is an integrative, inclusive learning environment for musicians of all styles and interests. It is an open-minded program that seeks to grow with you through the music that you love to make.

Visit us in person and meet our professors and students; experience the community vibe in the bustling hallways; and take a tour of our state-of-the-art classrooms, practice rooms, and electronic music studios.

The Department of Music is part of one of Canada’s top Fine Arts Faculties. This offers plenty of opportunities for students to collaborate with artists of other disciplines (theatre, contemporary dance, animation, film production, design and computation arts, and others); access to various facilities, maker shops, and studios; and an innovative, interdisciplinary learning environment. Every year, the Department features many performances by its diverse ensembles, choirs, composition classes, and laptop orchestra as well as experiential learning opportunities such as internships, field schools, and collaborative research-creation activities at the Performing Arts Research Cluster (LePARC).

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to meet you in person and learn about your projects, dreams, accomplishments, and collaborations

With love,

Eldad Tsabary, Department Chair

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