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Vid Cousins

Part-Time Faculty, Music

Vid Cousins
Vid Cousins, pre-beard, with his plosive aerophone
photo: Ryhna Thompson


educator | researcher

record producer | recording engineer | mix engineer

sound designer | composer | experimental musical instrument designer

Owner & Chief of Audio at Monkey Puzzle Sound Studios



Vid is a sought after professional audio producer and composer who has been an integral part of the creative teams behind numerous award winning productions. He has 20 years professional experience as: record producer; composer; sound designer; recording engineer; stereo, surround & ambisonic mix engineer; experimental musical instrument designer; mastering engineer; live sound technician; production manager; arranger, musical director; session and touring musician; audio researcher; audio strategist and consultant; part-time faculty for the Electroacoustic Studies program at Concordia University, Montréal; and part-time instructor at Recording Arts Canada, Montréal.

Past Collaborators Include

4VU - 360 Video Series; 8H51 Productions; Amon Tobin; Bell Orchestre; Bud Rice; Brian Rose (Robbie Williams, Longview); Bùmarang; Charlie Francis; Colin Stetson; David Barlow-Krelina; Deep Purple; Emiliana Torrini; Esmerine; Foxtrott; Jason Sharp: Joel Penner; Jonathan Ng; Kid Koala; Lewis Taylor; Lexus; Mario Caldato Jr.; Miles Perkin; Munro Ferguson; National Film Board; Nufonia Live Inc.; Pedro Morelli; Preservation Hall Jazz Band; Real World; Regional Productions; Rian Johnson; Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire); Roscoe Mitchell (Chicago Art Ensemble); Sarah Pagé; Spek; Squarepusher; The Slew; Stars; Tim Hecker; Third Side Music; Vancouver Olympic Committee; !!!


“Vid is a highly skilled, highly thoughtful music composer and sound engineer. Over the years, I have collaborated with him and his studio Monkey Puzzle on many film projects, relying on his talents as music composer, recording artist, mixer, and sound designer. A hard-working perfectionist, he is capable of taking any concept and turning it into an audio masterpiece. He's also fun to work with and is a positive asset to any creative team!”

Jonathan Ng (Oscar shortlisted animator and filmmaker, creator "Floor Kids" video game)

“Vid has helped me produce many projects ranging from albums to film scores to audio public\ art installations to live shows. He is an intuitive and meticulous engineer and knows how to get the tone and feeling you're looking for in the music. Plus he's ALWAYS fun to be around. His studio, Monkey Puzzle, is overflowing with an arsenal of amazing mixing tools, musical instruments, and sound design gear.”

Kid Koala (recording artist / performer / graphic novelist)

Selected Audio Production Work History

Sarah Pagé  Aeolus (research & creation) 2021

consultation, recording & mix engineer

MAP (Harp, Santur, Tabla ensemble) - TBC (album pre-production) 2021

recording engineer

Voda - TBC (experimental album) 2021

recording engineer, mix engineer

Joel Penner - Wrought (experimental documentary) 2021

surround mix engineer

Jason Sharp - Gates of Heaven (digital release) 2020

producer, recording engineer, mix engineer

Bùmarang - Echoland (album) 2020

producer, recording engineer, mix engineer

David Barlow-Krelina National Film Board - Caterpillarplasty (animated short) 2019

Best Animated Short 2019 - Canadian Academy Award Nominee

music producer, composer, sound designer, music mix engineer

Kid Koala - Storyville Mosquito (live cinematic theatre production) 2019

co-composer, musical director, sound designer, live mix engineer

Bud Rice - St. Henri (album) 2019

mix engineer

Jason Sharp & Roscoe Mitchell - TBC (album) 2019

producer, recording engineer, mix engineer

Logan Fulford - Weyward (short film) 2019

surround mix engineer

Luc Gagnon - TBC (album) 2019

mastering engineer

Envision Productions - 4VU (360º immersive ambisonic video series) 2018

audio consultant, recording engineer, ambisonic mix engineer

Sarah Pagé - Sisters (7 Doigts de la Main multidisciplinary theatre production) 2018

recording engineer, music mix engineer

Regional Productions - Charlie Gorman’s Wake (feature film) 2018

surround mix engineer, additional sound designer

Independent - Boris (documentary film) 2018

surround mix engineer, additional sound designer

8H51 Productions - Women of The West (film / pilot) 2018

mix engineer, additional audio editor

Richard Reed Parry - Skybarn Studio 2017

acoustics consultant, studio designer

MERJ Media - Floor Kids (video game) 2018

Best Game Audio 2018 - Indie Prize

audio consultant

Foxtrott - Meditations (EP series & Album) 2017

vocal production, recording engineer

Kid Koala / Emiliana Torrini Music to Draw to: Satellite (album) 2016

Best Electronic Album 2018 - Juno Award Nominee

mix engineer, additional production, arranger

Third Side Music / Lexus - Lexus NX (television commercial) 2015

co-composer, remix producer, musician, mix engineer

Pedro Morelli / Rhombus Media - Zoom (feature film soundtrack) 2015

music producer, co-composer, musician, recording & mix engineer

Esmerine - Lost Voices (album) 2015

Best Instrumental Album 2016 - Juno Award Nominee

co-composer, recording engineer

Nufonia Live Inc. - Nufonia Must Fall (touring show) 2014 - 2016

musical director, co-composer, arranger, sound designer, mix engineer

Munro Ferguson / National Film Board - Minotaur (animated short) 2014

arranger, sound designer, recording engineer,  music mix engineer

Colin Stetson - New History Warfare vol: ii & iii (albums) 2011 - 2013

recording engineer

Tim Hecker - Virgins Live (tour) 2013

mix engineer

Squarepusher - Ufabulum Live (tour) 2013

mix engineer

Luigi Allemano / National Film Board - Norman McLaren (animated short restoration) 2013

sound designer, additional production

Rian Johnson / Kid Koala - Looper (feature film soundtrack contribution) 2012

musical producer, co-composer, musician, mix engineer

Kid Koala - 12 bit Blues (album) 2012

GAMIQ Award Best Electronic Album 2010

musical producer, co-composer, recording engineer, mix engineer

Jonathan Ng - Requiem for Romance (animated short) 2012

Best Animated Short - Academy Award shortlist

composer, sound designer, recording engineer

Kid Koala - Space Cadet Still Picture Soundtrack (album) 2011

musical producer, arranger, musician, recording engineer, mix engineer

Jonathan Ng - Alpha Beta Complex (animated short) 2010

co-composer, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer

Vancouver Olympic Committee - Vancouver Olympics 2010 Mascots Themes 2010

musician, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer

Vancouver Olympic Committee - Cultural Olympiad (animated short) 2009

co-composer, sound designer, recording engineer, mix engineer

The Slew - 100% (album) 2009

additional production, mix engineer (with Mario Caldato Jr.)

Bell Orchestre - Live from Montreal (iTunes exclusive album) 2009

recording engineer, mix engineer

Amon Tobin - Foley Room Live (7.1 surround sound tour) 2007

audio strategist, production manager, mix engineer

Amon Tobin - Foley Room (album) 2007

foley artist, musician, location & studio recording engineer

Amon Tobin - Chaos Theory Live (5.1 surround sound tour) 2005

audio strategist, production manager, mix engineer

Squarepusher - Ultravisitor Live (tour) 2004

mix engineer, recording engineer

Spek - Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (tour) 2002

musician, musical director

Paban Das Baul & Sam Mills Real Sugar (Real World album) 1997

assistant engineer

Deep Purple - Live in Europe ’96 (live album) 1996

assistant mix engineer

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