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Yaron Ross, D.Mus

Lecturer, Music

Yaron Ross, D.Mus
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4727

For over 4 decades, Yaron Ross has been deeply committed to musical education. He holds a Doctoral degree in Performance. He taught at the University of Montreal and is currently teaching at Concordia University in Montreal. He has received awards for excellence from both institutions. Yaron Ross welcomes working with classical piano students of various goals and levels.  
In his teaching, Yaron Ross promotes above all the joy of music making.
Students are encouraged to concentrate on the styles and composers with whom they have a strong affinity.
Students learn the difference between reading notes and reading Music, they are shown the difference between mechanical repetition and effective practice strategies that yield solid and durable progress, and they are introduced to the fundamentals of piano technique, musicianship, and interpretation.
Yaron Ross works as well with jazz pianists seeking contact with classical repertoire and additional technical guidance. 
Composition oriented students will find their particular interests met through a teaching approach that highlights in detail the compositional dimension of each piece, as well as through additional feedback on their own composition, if they so wish.

Yaron Ross is the recipient of an award for teaching excellence from Concordia
University and and an award for Research  Excellence from the University of Montreal.

Yaron Ross recorded the complete cycle of Mozart's Piano Sonatas (2008-2016).
This studio recording followed two live performances of the complete cycle (in five recitals) given by the pianist in 1985 and 2006. Some of those performances were recorded for radio broadcast. The recordings are available on all major web platforms. Videos of 4 Mozart Sonatas are available on Yaron Ross's You Tube Channel. The 7-CD set is promoted by Phoenix Classical.          

Visit You Tube > Yaron Ross (Channel) for live and studio videos                                                                                                        
In September 2012, Yaron Ross was invited to give a recital on Vladimir Horowitz's personal Steinway concert grand piano, and organize the event celebrating the visit of this historical instrument in Montreal. See above link for You Tube video of the event.

Other large projects which were recorded live for broadcast by the English and French networks of the CBC include participation in a collective recording of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier organized by the CBC in memory of Glenn Gould (1992), the complete Mendelssohn Songs Without Words(1994), the complete Inventions  and French Suites by Bach (1996-97) and the Chopin Preludes (1990). Mr. Ross was invited by CBC radio to provide the commentary during the Montreal International Piano Competition and to review the Sony collection of Glenn Gould's video recordings. 

Mr. Ross has given solo performances at Carnegie Recital Hall in New York, The National Arts Centre in Ottawa and Place des Arts in Montreal and has collaborated as a chamber musician with such artists as violists Rivka Golani and the Saint Lawrence String Quartet. Born in Israel, Yaron Ross studied at the Tel-Aviv University with the legendary pianist Mindru Katz. 

In 1975 and 1976 Yaron Ross won first prizes in the Tel-Aviv Academy Master Competition in chamber music and solo performance respectively.Before leaving his native country he appeared numerous times in recital and asa soloist with several orchestras. He recorded for Israeli and European broadcasting organizations.

Artistic performances

Recordings - Radio, Studio, Live, Video

Bach                French Suite No.1                SRC - Live        1998 
                        French Suite No.3               SRC - Studio      1986
                        French Suite No.4                SRC -Live         1996 
                        French Suite No.5                CBC - Live        1989
                        French Suite No.6                CBC - Live         1987
                        English Suite No.6                CBC  - Live       1982
                                                                      CBC - Live        2002 
                                                                     Live Video          2018
                        Toccata in F Sharp Minor      IBC - Studio      1978
                        Concerto in D Minor             CBC - Studio      1980
                        with McGill Chamber Orchestra ⁄ Brott
                         Italian Concerto                   CBC - Live         1984
                        Complete Two and Three Part Inventions     
                       SRC - Live                                                       1996

Schubert         Sonata D 568                       CBC - Live          1987  
                        Sonata D 845                      CBC - Live          1989   
                        Sonata D 575                      CBC - Live          1990  
                        Sonata D 958                      SRC - Live          1993
                        Wanderer Fantasy              SRC - Studio       1978
                                                                    CBC - Live          2002
                        Impromptu Op.90 No.4        SRC - Studio      1978
                        4 Impromptus Op.142          CBC - Live          1984
                        Arpeggione Sonata              CBC - Live          1992
                        with Rivka Golani, Viola

Beethoven        Sonata Op.312 No.1           IBC - Studio       1977        
                                                                     CBC - Live         1982
                                                                     CBC - Live         2002
                        Sonata Op.101                     SRC - Studio      1981
                        Sonata Op.28                       SRC studio         1983
                                                                     CBC - Live          1987
                        Sonata Op.2 No.3                CBC - Live          1984
                        Sonata Op.22                       SRC - Live          1993
                        Variations WoO 70               SRC - Studio       1981
                        Fur Elise                               SRC - Studio       1981
                        Bagatelle WoO 52                CBC - Live          1989
                        Bagatelles Op.33                 CBC - Live           1989
                        Andante Favori                     SRC - Live          1991

Mendelssohn   Songs Without Words Book 5,6
                                                                        SRC - Live        1991
                         Songs Without Words Book 1,2,3,4,7,8
                                                                        CBC - Live        1994

                     Studio - Songs Without Words, Books 1,2,4 audio ⁄ video     2023
                                                                   Book 3, audio
Ravel                Ma Mère l'Oye                        IBC - Studio      1978
                                                                        CBC - Live         1989
                                                                        CBC - Live         2002   
                                                                        Video - Live        2012
                        Pavane                                    CBC - Live         1984

Fauré                Barcarolle Op.26                    SRC - Live         1993
                         Impromptu Op.25                    SRC - Live         1993

Debussy        Preludes No.5 and 9, Bool 2      IBC - Studio       1977
                        Pour le Piano                           CBC - Studio      1980

Franck               Sonata for Violin and Piano    IBC - Studio       1975
                          with Eliyahu Shulmann, Violin

Mozart                Variations K.398                     IBC - Studio       1977
                           Variations K.264                     SWF - Studio     1978        
                            Concerto K.449                     CBC - Studio      1981 
                            with mcGill Chamber orchestra ⁄ Brott     
                            Rondo K.511                          CBC - Live         1987 
                                                                           Live Video          2018      

                           The Complete Mozart Piano Sonatas - Studio
                           CD 1                   - 2008
                           CD 2 , 3             - 2011  
                           CD 4 , 5              - 2014
                           CD 6 , 7              - 2016

                        Sonata K.310                Video - Studio                   2016
                        Sonata K.311                Video - Studio                   2014
                        Sonata K.332                Video - Live                      2018
                        Sonata K.333                Video - Live                      2012

Bartok               Improvisations Op.20              SWF - Studio        1978
Brahms            Handel variations Op.24          SRC - Live            1998
Brott                 Suite                                        CBC - Studio         1982
Chopin             24 preludes Op.28                   CBC - Live            1990
Dvorak             Piano Quartet Op.87               CBC - Live             1992
                        with Saint Laurence String Quartet
Granados        12 Spanish Dances                  CBC - Live             1991
Haydn              Sonata Hob KVI:46                  IBC - Studio           1978
Liszt                Transcendental Etude No.10    CBC - Studio         1980
Moussorgski    Pictures in Exhibition                CBC - Live            1991
Prokoffief        Sonata No.2                               SRC - Live            1991
Reinecke        Sonata Op.42, Viola and piano    CBC - Live          1992
                       with Rivka Golani, Viola
Schumann      Viennese Carnival Op.26        CBC - Live               1982
                                                                        Video - Live             2018
                        Sonata No.1                            SRC - Live              1998
                        Sonata No.3                            SRC - Live              1988
                                                                        Video - Live             2012
Shostakovitch  Sonata Op.147, Viola and Piano  CBC - Live         1992
                         with Rivka Golani, Viola

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