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  • Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    Accessibility; Post-Secondary Education; Music Therapy Education; Critical Disability Studies
  • Lecturer, Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    Her research projects prioritize the resilience and knowledge of targeted groups, and current research focuses on using a Nervous-System Informed Theatre of the Oppressed to support educators to address racial and ethnic microaggressions in higher education classroom settings. Other research includes working with activists from various marginalized groups, newcomers, and LGBT2SIQ communities.
  • Lecturer, Creative Arts Therapies
  • Associate Professor and practicum coordinator, Drama Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    Drama therapy, trauma, attachment, research-creation, performed autoethnography, psychoanalysis, ethnography, embodied knowledge, play therapy, family therapy, parenting, experimental theater, theater for social change, arts-based learning, risk factors/ protective factors, borderline personality disorder, child and youth care, suicide intervention, mental health, pedagogy
  • Lecturer, Creative Arts Therapies
  • Assistant Professor, Creative Arts Therapies
    Art Therapy Graduate Program Director, Creative Arts Therapies
    Director, Concordia Arts in Health Centre, Creative Arts Therapies
    mental health, art therapy, arts-based learning, life transitions, youth development, lifespan developmental, self esteem, anger, anxiety and stress, parenting, family therapy, trauma, mind/body, grief and bereavement, peer relationships, couple therapy, child therapy, child and youth care, child development
  • Lecturer, Creative Arts Therapies
  • Associate Professor, Art Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    Provost Fellow for Community Engagement, Fine Arts
    community arts, art hives, inclusion/exclusion, community-university, community-base, belonging, citizen science, socially committed art practice, handmade, participatory action research, arts-based learning, qualitative methods, women, activism, social change, urban futures, storytelling, ethnocultural diversity, critical disability studies
  • Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    music therapy, arts-based research, participatory action research, qualitative methods, community music therapy, mental health, palliative care, pain management, guided imagery and music, social justice, leadership development, mentoring, professional network building
  • Associate Professor, Music Therapy, Creative Arts Therapies
    music therapy, music, social gerontology, community, advocacy, social justice, cultural competence, Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, integral thinking, aging (ageing), disability, singing, palliative care, dementia, autism, health and well being, mental health, qualitative methods, quantitative methods, bereavement
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