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Stephen Snow, PhD, RDT-BCT

Associate Professor (Drama Therapy) and Chair, Creative Arts Therapies

Stephen Snow, PhD, RDT-BCT

Education and training

  • PhD New York University, 1987
  • Psychotherapy training Institute for Expressive Analysis
  • Board Certified Drama Therapist (RDT-BCT)
  • Diploma in Playback Theatre

Clinical practice experience

  • Dr. Snow has developed a specialty in therapeutic theatre. In the past twenty years, he has directed over 25 theatre productions with special populations, including persons with mental health disabilities, developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, and the blind and vision-impaired.
  • He has published articles and lectured on various aspects of Drama Therapy, both nationally and internationally. For the past decade, he has served on the editorial board of The Arts in Psychotherapy. In 2001, he received the National Association for Drama Therapy's Gertrud Schattner Award for distinguished service to the field of Drama Therapy.


Selected publications / Works of interest

  • Snow, S., Tanguay, D., & D'Amico, M. (2006). Élaboration d'un instrument de
     mesure basé sur le jeu de rôle en vue d'évaluer des personnes ayant des
     incapacités intellectuelles [The development of a role-play assessment tool for
     persons with developmental disabilities]. In H. Gascon, J.- R. Poulin, J.- J.
     Detraux, D. Boisvert & M.- C. Haelewyck (Eds.), Déficience intellectuelle :
     Savoirs et perspectives d'action. Vol. 2 : Formation, interventions, adaptation
      et soutien social (pp. 161-171). Québec : Presses Inter Universitaires.
  • Snow, S., D'Amico, M., & Tanguay, D. (2003). Therapeutic theatre and well-
       being. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 30, 73-82
  • The Alice Project, a documentary by Phil Herbison based on a therapeutic theatre
       production written and directed by Stephen Snow  

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