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Special funding for out-of-province students

$15,000 for 60-credit Master's programs.
Up to $2,000 for Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate programs.

60-credit Master's programsGraduate Diploma/Certificate programs

Concordia’s Department of Creative Arts Therapies is unique in Canada, offering multidisciplinary options of art therapy, drama therapy, and music therapy graduate programs within a single university department. Through experiential learning and community engagement, we offer support and opportunity for professional training, specialization, and research education.

Important dates

Application & audition information

Deadline for Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Music Therapy programs:
January 15 (for admission in September)

Deadline for Play Therapy programs: December 15 (for admission in May)

Four distinct professional programs to help build healthy communities

Female student holding a didgeridoo, an Australian indigenous instrument

We train Creative Arts Therapists who are committed to a strong sense of ethical and social responsibility and who stand out as professional leaders within their respective fields. Our department is unique in Canada, offering four graduate programs options within a single university department:

Small classes benefit from theoretical and applied learning opportunities through experiential learning and community engagement. We provide support and opportunities for professional training, specialization, and research education.

3 people in costume on stage.


The Centre for the Arts in Human Development (CAHD) at Concordia University is an educational, clinical and research centre serving adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs populations. An effective practicum training site for creative arts therapies graduate students, this training is unique in Canada because it integrates the creative arts therapies under the auspices of the Centre and provides opportunities for practical training and learning directly from faculty in the Creative Arts Therapies programs.

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