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Student associations

Creative Arts Therapies Student Graduate Association (CATSGA)

The student organization specific to our program is the Creative Arts Therapies Student Graduate Association, known by its acronym, CATSGA. The CATSGA student lounge offers a space for relaxation and study. CATSGA also seeks to foster stronger interdisciplinary ties with the university community at large. CATSGA elects officers annually, which include graduate student representatives who are invited to participate in committees in the Program, the Faculty of Fine Arts, and the School of Graduate Studies in order to make a vital contribution to the activities of the university.

Graduate Students Association (GSA)

The Graduate Students Association is composed of all students registered in graduate programs at Concordia. With elected officers, its mandate is to plan activities and provide a forum for students to discuss matters of concern pertaining to university life. One of the activities it sponsors is an orientation in the Fall to introduce students to the facilities and campus life at Concordia University.

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