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  • Ahmed Al-Rawi
    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    (An affiliate position at Concordia University )
    Social media, news, popular culture, Middle East, global communication
  • Kay Dickinson
    Professor, Cinema

    Arab popular, avant-garde and revolutionary culture; revolutionary media; creative labour; the relationship between cinema and music and/or sound; music video; teen media.
  • Stephen Monteiro
    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

    media and identity, interfaces, affordances, image practices, material culture
  • Elena Razlogova
    Associate Professor, History

  • Marc Steinberg
    Associate Professor, Film Studies, Cinema
    Graduate Program Director, MA & PhD, Cinema

    digital platforms, platform economics, media industries, media management, transmedia, animation, Japanese anime, digital culture, character merchandising, media studies, digital media, Internet history, media theory, visual culture, East Asia
  • Haidee Wasson
    Professor (Film Studies), Cinema

    screen culture, history of the moving image, museology, feminism, moving image technologies, portable film technologies, cultural histories of cinema, moving image studies, film/media historiography, women and film/media, film/media theory, cultural studies, history of media arts, cinema, sound, television, web videos, critical curatorial studies, emergent media
  • Darren Wershler
    Associate Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair, Media & Contemporary Literature, Tier 2, English

    media history / video game studies / communication studies / contemporary literature / avant-garde poetics
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