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  • Ahmed Al-Rawi
    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    (An affiliate position at Concordia University )
    Social media, news, popular culture, Middle East, global communication
  • Kay Dickinson
    Professor, Cinema

    Arab popular, avant-garde and revolutionary culture; revolutionary media; creative labour; the relationship between cinema and music and/or sound; music video; teen media.
  • Stephen Monteiro
    Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

  • Elena Razlogova
    Associate Professor, History

  • Marc Steinberg
    Associate Professor, Film Studies, Cinema

    digital platforms, platform economics, media industries, media management, transmedia, animation, Japanese anime, digital culture, character merchandising, media studies, digital media, Internet history, media theory, visual culture, East Asia
  • Haidee Wasson
    Professor (Film Studies), Cinema

    screen culture, history of the moving image, museology, feminism, moving image technologies, portable film technologies, cultural histories of cinema, moving image studies, film/media historiography, women and film/media, film/media theory, cultural studies, history of media arts, cinema, sound, television, web videos, critical curatorial studies, emergent media
  • Darren Wershler
    Associate Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair, Media & Contemporary Literature, Tier 2, English

    media history / video game studies / communication studies / contemporary literature / avant-garde poetics
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