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Our faculty

Our faculty have established international reputations as researchers and creators.

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  • Affiliate Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
    (An affiliate position at Concordia University )
    Social media, news, popular culture, Middle East, global communication
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Professor, Film Studies, Cinema
    Director, The Platform Lab, Cinema
    digital platforms, platform economics, media industries, media management, transmedia, animation, Japanese anime, digital culture, character merchandising, media studies, digital media, Internet history, media theory, visual culture, East Asia
  • Associate Dean, Faculty Development and Inclusion, Fine Arts
    Distinguished University Research Professor, Cinema
    muselogy, feminism, moving image technologies, portable film technologies, cultural histories of cinema, moving image studies, film/media historiography, women and film/media, film/media theory, cultural studies, history of media arts, cinema, sound, television, web videos, critical curatorial studies, emergent media
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    meda and cultural history, organizational communication, communication theory, international communications, cultural studies
  • Professor, Communication Studies
  • Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    Race; Gender;, Representations; News Media; Popular Television; Critical Race Theory; Colonialism/decoloniality; Youth Studies; Violence Against Women; Islam/Muslim representations; Girl Studies; Memorials; Virtual Graveyards
  • Distinguished Professor Emerita, Communication Studies
    Indigenous & Alternative Media History; Multicultural & Multiracial Technology; Reconciliation Media; Skin Colour & Intelligent Media Design; International Media & Globaliz- ation; Transculturalism & Interculturalism; "Development" & Neo-colonialism.
  • Professor Emeritus, Communication Studies
    Critical Cultural Studies, Intermedia Arts, Residual and Emergent Media, Media Archaeology, Studies of Cultural Production, Experimental Film, Web Docs, Graphic Design
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