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Awards, prizes, and activities

The Department of Communication Studies has several prizes, awards, and scholarships for students.

Calls for applications to many of these award programs are sent out at specific times during the year. Please remember that eligibility criteria and competition dates are subject to change annually.

For further information about the undergraduate awards listed below, please contact Marcella Di Claudio. For information about graduate awards, please contact Mircea Mandache. You can also consult the Concordia Financial Aid and Awards Office for more information about awards and scholarships across the university.

The Marc Gervais Prize

The Department of Communication Studies pays tribute to the memory of a great teacher and a wonderful friend with the Marc Gervais Prize in Communication Studies—an annual award to be given to a graduating BA student to support an existing or future project. Students will compete for the award based on academic achievements and the quality and potential of their proposed project.

The award will support the future work of a graduating student from our BA program, with funding to be used:

  1. to support the production of a new creative project in film, video, sound or intermedia;
  2. to support the attendance of the student at a festival or conference where the work is being presented;
  3. to support a non-production project related to the media arts and/or the media industries.

The Charles Gagnon Award

The Charles Gagnon Award in Communication Studies was created in honour and loving memory of Charles Gagnon, a renowned painter, photographer and filmmaker who received numerous awards and honours in his lifetime. Gagnon was Artist in Residence in the Department of Communication Arts (now Communication Studies) from 1967 to 1974, where he established and taught in the filmmaking program after meeting Department founder Fr. John O'Brien during the planning of Expo '67.

The annual Award is intended to celebrate originality and creativity in media and artistic production among students in the Department of Communication Studies.

Luigi Liberatore Entrance Scholarship

Generally provided to five new students entering the program with the highest ranking in admission selection.

Pariso Scholarship in Communications Studies

This essay competition scholarship for Undergraduate students was established in 2006 through the benevolence of Mr. Stephen Pariso, BA 2004, and Ms. Shauna Vineberg-Pariso.

Vincent, Olga and Denis Nicolas-Diniacopoulos Scholarships

The Vincent, Olga and Denis Nicolas-Diniacopoulos Scholarships Program was created in 2000 through the generosity of the late Mrs. Olga Nicolas-Diniacopoulos. Her son, the late Professor Denis Diniacopoulos, taught at Concordia University in the department of Communication Studies for over twenty years until his retirement in 1996.

These annual scholarships are intended to encourage excellent full-time students who are pursuing their undergraduate studies at Concordia University in a Major, Specialization, or Honours, in a Major, Specialization, or Honours the areas of Classics, Communication Studies, Mathematics or Psychology. In addition, the purpose of these scholarships is to encourage students who express and can demonstrate an interest in interdisciplinary studies.

Nawaf Al-Rufaie Scholarship in Communication Studies

This scholarship for full-time students in Communication Studies was established in 2006 in memory of Nawaf Al-Rufaie, by his family. The Nawaf Al-Rufaie Al-Rufaie Scholarship in Communication Studies is intended to encourage and reward talented Communication Studies students at Concordia University who exemplify the characteristics of Nawaf Al-Rufaie, BA Communication Studies 2004.

Candidates are required to submit with their application form an essay describing their enthusiasm, dedication, generosity, and passion for learning in the area of Communication Studies.

Sportsnet Scholarship in Communication Studies and Journalism

This scholarship is based on academic merit and personal statements through which a student expresses interest in sports journalism or sports broadcasting.

John E. O’Brien Medal

For graduating students, based on grades and recommended by the department, no submission by the student.

Medal for Communication Studies

For graduating students, based on grades and recommended by the department, no submission by the student.

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