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Research & creation

Where critical analysis meets creative practice

Our purpose, your innovation

As a student in Communication Studies, you will become part of an engaged community known for practice-led, collaborative and impact-driven research.

Our faculty will mentor you as you explore diverse methods and media forms that address pressing issues such as environmental and data justice, ageism and homophobia, while preparing you to address a range of inter-related social challenges.

Our programs lay the groundwork for critical thinking, creative media production and leadership. We're here to set you up for success in fields such as teaching, research, entertainment, journalism, marketing, social innovation, media production, policy advocacy, non-profit work and more.

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Our areas of expertise

  • AI – Algorithmic Media and Digital Justice
  • Creative Sound and Expanded Media Forms
  • Environmental Media
  • Feminist Media Studies
  • LGBTQIA2S+ Studies
  • Media Activism, Participatory Media, Co-creation
  • Media Histories

Discover our research centres & labs

Our department fosters a vibrant lab-based research culture. Students engage in scholarly exploration and practice-led research with access to equipment, resources, and dedicated spaces. Explore our labs and institutes to learn about the work taking place in Communication Studies.

Excellence in graduate research

Meet our faculty members

We prioritize and nurture collaboration between faculty and students, creating an environment where research and creation can flourish.

Through active involvement in studios and projects, students gain hands-on experience and develop crucial research skills. Moreover, we provide opportunities for students to participate in conferences and showcase their contributions to creative and academic communities.

Research ethics

Ethics approval is required for any research project that involves human subjects.

An ethics form and a consent form need to be approved before they can be signed by individuals involved in your research. Do not start the research before receiving approval from Dr. Chia or Dr. Consalvo.

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