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Access a variety of facilities and state-of-the-art equipment for coursework and research as part of your studies.

A student is working on a Moog synthesizer in the Department of Communications' synth space

Synth Space

Whether you are interested in music production, audio engineering or sound design, our Synthesizer Space provides you with analogue and digital tools to bring your creative ideas to life:

  • Create unique and innovative sounds using drum machines like the Roland TR-8S and synthesizers such as the Minimoog Model D, Arturia Matrixbrute and Sequential Prophet-5  
  • Learn and practice with Technics 1200 Turntables for mixing and incorporating vinyl records into your projects
  • Sample and remix sounds with digital controllers such as the Rane Four

(Room CJ-1.327)

Mac and Windows computers populate an empty and modern classroom


Develop your technological expertise and hone your creativity using the latest software in our smart lab, a teaching space and creative hub: 

  • Explore multimedia production and design
  • Learn video editing, sound design and the creation of visual and sound environments
  • Discover image creation and editing techniques
  • Develop projects involving augmented reality and virtual world creation
  • Create digital animations

(Room CJ-2.227)

A professor engages in a discussion with students in the research-creation lab

Media Creation Lab

Exchange and collaborate in this unique and flexible space for students and faculty:

  • design and protype creative group work
  • develop original productions in our fully equipped podcasting room 
  • experiment with innovative concepts and create artistic models in our 3D printing room

(Room CJ-2.111)

Production studios

Our production studios offer a dynamic environment to develop moving images practices such as 2D and 3D filmmaking, film installation, film animation and augmented documentary skills in a professional setting:

  • Take advantage of track lighting for innovative set designs
  • Access a green screen for special effects and virtual backgrounds 
  • Film and create innovative projects or short films

(Rooms CJ-1.224, CJ-1.220, CJ-1.243)

Sound recording studios

In our sound recording studios, you can access a variety of professional facilities and industry-standard software to engage in music production, audio engineering or sound design for your original productions:

  • Use professional software such as Pro Tools and Ableton Live
  • Create original soundtracks for various mediums such as films, podcasts or installations
  • Use high-quality microphones from leading manufacturers like RØDE and AKG for recording vocals or capturing live sound

(Room CJ-2.209)

Student hub

The Hub is one of our dedicated student spaces where you can study, collaborate, relax and build community. The space serves also a pop-up installation space for creative projects and small events.


(Room CJ-2.209)

Montreal Signs Collection

Did you know Concordia's Communications Journalism Building is home to a collection of signs that are part of the Montreal Signs Project?

Discover the collection
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