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As the first of its kind in Canada, Concordia University’s Department of Communication Studies has pioneered higher education in communications, media and cultural studies.

Since its founding in 1965, over 6,000 alumni have graduated from the program, finding diverse and rewarding careers in communications.

The Communication Studies program at Concordia University offers accredited degrees for undergraduate and graduate studies in four major categories, with available funding for out-of-province students. 

Terra Nova by Maze Longboat


Our two undergraduate programs emphasize a unique interplay between theory, practice and meaningful impact.

In the Major in Communication Studies, you'll combine critical thinking with hands-on experience across media practices ranging from podcasts to animation to 2D and 3D filmmaking, paving the way for future positions in media consulting, marketing, media production, entertainment and more.

In the Major in Communication & Cultural Studies, you will explore media's social, cultural and political dimensions, honing your writing skills, critical thinking, and research abilities for future positions in media policy, teaching, marketing, academia and more. 

Exhibition: Protests and Pedagogy, curated by Christiana Abraham


The Department of Communication Studies' graduate programs offer unique opportunities for scholars and professionals seeking interdisciplinary training in media and communication. 

From our renowned MA in Media Studies to our interdisciplinary PhD in Communication Studies and our career-focused Graduate Diploma in Communication Studies, we provide a range of pathways for academic excellence and professional growth. 

Whether you're pursuing media theory, research-creation, or initiating a career in media-related industries, our programs are designed to help you advance in a rapidly evolving field.

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