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About the department

Our Communication Studies program helps you succeed in a rapidly evolving media landscape by offering a unique blend of critical theory and practical media training.

Our faculty consists of experienced theorists and practitioners who provide hands-on learning in well-equipped facilities. With career-ready skills and industry connections, you'll be ready to make a difference in your chosen field. 

An adult professor is holding a smartphone and discussing with students

Making Media Futures: Theory in Practice

We offer one of the most prestigious and competitive communication studies programs in North America. We contribute to knowledge in areas such as environmental media, feminist studies, cultural studies, participatory research, platform studies and more. Through interdisciplinary training in communication theory and media practice, you will acquire cutting-edge skills and critical frameworks for success. 

A professor discusses with students in a computer room in a classroom setting

What you'll learn

We're here to help you unlock your creative potential in an academic setting. You will gain analytical skills and develop expertise in podcasting, sound design, augmented reality, installation, VR and more.

By accessing state-of-the-art film and audio studios in small classes, you will enhance your creative explorations.

Our graduate students in our Diploma, MA and PhD programs work closely with faculty who have established careers and networks around the world.

A student works on a computer, sitting on the staircases of a building in the Loyola Campus of Concordia University

The experience

We're here to help you explore and innovate.

Our department is located in the Communication Studies and Journalism Building of Concordia University's Loyola Campus in Montreal, with state-of-the-art specialized facilities, cutting-edge technology, and teaching and research spaces, providing students with practical and theoretical expertise.

Meet our current PhD studentsMeet our current MA students
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