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Frank Sanna, MFA

Part Time Faculty, Communication Studies
Part Time Faculty, Cinema


Availability: Email me to set up an appointment.

As a teacher my primary goal is to help students discover and better understand their 'voice' as a unique and valid perspective in dialogue with the world.

In creative practise, I work with traditional and hybrid forms of documentary and fiction filmmaking, exploring research interests in anthropology and philosophy, especially with regards to the phenomena of myth. My research has evolved considering, amongst others, the work of Gaston Bachelard, Ernesto Grassi, Michael Polanyi, and Ursula Le Guin, respecting how each maintains the validity of subjectivity in their worldviews. In more practical terms, my academic engagement is also informed by an extensive experience in the film and television Art Department, working as Art Director, Graphic Designer, and in various other roles.

At heart, my art and films speak to a poetic framework of knowing and being  - looking into the ways in which we search for, discover, and create meaning out of shared embodied experience. In this respect, I am trying to express an emotional truth about our human need for structure and orientation. Through all my work, I acknowledge the value and reality of feelings. In as much as I aim to decolonize and dismantle the ways in which I unconsciously subscribe to patriarchal mastery, I also strive to reconnect the artificial and 'objective' gap between Art and Science that defines our Modern era.


BA,Graphic Design, Sheridian College / MFA, Studio Arts: Film Production, Concordia University


COMS 485 – Moving Images III
COMS 384 – Moving Images II
COMS 284 – Moving Images I
COMS 276 – Sound I
COMS 569 – Graduate Diploma Moving Images

FMPR 239 – Montage I
FMPR 231 – Filmmaking I

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