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Jeremy Stolow, PhD

Professor, Communication Studies

Jeremy Stolow, PhD
A full-frontal colour image of me in an autumn forest setting. I am wearing horn rimmed glasses and a dark blue shirt. My grey hair is cut short and I sport a grey moustache and beard.
Office: L-CJ 4421  
Communication Studies and Journalism Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3325
Website(s): Jeremy Stolow website
Availability: Please email me to set up an appointment.

Education and Visiting Fellowships

BA, Philosophy, University of Toronto, 1989

MA, Social and Political Thought, York University, 1993

PhD, Social and Political Thought, York University, 2000

Postdoc, Social & Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, 2000-2002

Visiting Fellow, Center for Religion & Media, New York University, 2003-2004

Senior Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 2017-2018

Areas of research

Media History; Material Religion; Religion & Media; History of Photography; Technology and Culture; Print Culture; Spiritualism, Magic, and the Occult; Science and Technology Studies; History of the Body.


COMS 800: Doctoral Integrative Seminar (Fall 2022)

Research activities


  • Urban Heat Island
  • Contaminant Distribution and Thermal Stratification in UFAD System in Perimeter Zones
  • Development of a Procedure to Measure the Effectiveness of Filter Media for Capturing Nano-Particles
  • Air purification and sterilization - Towards design of immune and sustainable buildings
  • Optimization Studies for the Design of High Performance Green Buildings - on Approach towards the "Net-Zero" Target by 2030
  • UV Photocatalytic Oxidation Technologies
  • Applying Energy Storage in Ultra-low Energy Buildings
  • GHG Emission

Selected publications

Recent and upcoming talks (selected)

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