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Faculty members

Contemporary Dance full-time faculty members have extensive professional experience directing their own companies and choreographing for major multidisciplinary productions. Talented professional artists from Montreal's vibrant dance community participate as part-time faculty and guest teachers, affording students the opportunity to experience a variety of movement aesthetics and artistic visions.

Faculty members are not only active artists but also innovative researchers in dance, interdisciplinarity, new media and technology. In addition, many of our graduates are making their mark here in Canada and abroad.

Full-time Faculty

  • Silvy Panet-Raymond
    Professor, Chair, Contemporary Dance

    choreography, creative process, mobility, moving borders, creative approaches to public space, artistic transmission projects
  • Angelique Willkie
    Associate Professor, Contemporary Dance
    Co-chair of the Concordia University Task Force on Anti-Black Racism

    dance dramaturgy, contemporary circus, choreographic practice, transdisciplinarity, performing arts, dance technique, identity, ethnicity, voice, movement, performance, improvisation, human body, decolonial dramaturgies

Affiliate faculty

  • Michael Montanaro
    Professor, Contemporary Dance
    Co-director Topological Media Lab

    transformation, transmutation, proposition/purpose, alchemy, illusion, possession/conflict, intermedia, movement, technological animation, sensory adaptation, prediction, performing arts, transparency, non-invasive systems, surroundings/the surrounded, interactivity, virtual environments, urban futures

Limited Term Appointments

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