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Joshua Neves, PhD

Associate Professor, Cinema

Canada Research Chair and Director of the Global Emergent Media (GEM) Lab

Office: S-FB 321-2 
Faubourg Building,
1250 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5233
Website(s): GEM Lab
Availability: Office hours Fall 2019: Wednesdays 2-4pm or by appointment


Professor Neves' research centers on global and digital media, with a particular focus on video, television, and digital culture; China, Asia and the Global South; cultural theory and political theory; media urbanism; digital media ethnography; cultures of optimization

He is the co-editor (with Bhaskar Sarkar) of Asian Video Culturesin the Penumbra of the Global (Duke University Press, 2017), and author of Underglobalization: Beijing’s Media Urbanism and the Chimera of Legitimacy (Duke University Press, March 2020). His work is published in Social TextDiscourse, Film Quarterly, Sarai, Cinema Journal, The Media Fields Journal, Rethinking Chinese Television, A Companion to Documentary Film History, The Routledge Companion to Risk and Media, Critical Approaches to Contemporary Architecture, among others.

Dr. Neves' current book project is tentatively titled Smart Bodies: On Neuropolitics and Technologies of Enhancement. It examines shifting cultures of optimization—smart drugs to smartphones—paying close attention to changing bodily capacities and new demands for hyperbolic performance.

He previously taught in the Department of Modern Culture & Media at Brown University, and was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at the Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto. 


global media, digital culture, cultural theory, political theory, China, Asia, video, television, piracy, urbanism


Current Research Projects:

  • Smart Media and Technologies of Enhancement (smart drugs to smartphones)
  • Video Cultures - including Streaming Technologies and Videographic Research Methods
  • Global Television; Global Media
  • Emergent Media in a Global or Comparative Context
  • Intersections between Postsocialist and Postcolonial Media Networks
  • Piracy and Informal Media
  • Media Urbanism; Infrastructure

*Contact me to discuss MA/PhD supervision on topics close to my own research

Dr. Neves is the Director of the Global Emergent Media (GEM) Lab - a research hub combining the site-specific study of new media forms and practices, cultural and political theory, and transnational research projects and partnerships.
Annual Seminar in Media and Political Theory
  • 2019-20: Media and Migration
  • 2018-19: Media & Paranoia
  • 2017-18: Populism
  • 2016-17: Capture
  • 2015-16: Political Concepts
GEM Summer Institutes
  • The 2017 GEM Summer Institute, Centro Kim's Video Center (Salemi, Sicily)

Selected Publications


Technology and Intimacy (MA/PhD seminar, Fall 2019)
Media Genealogies of the Digital (PhD seminar, Winter 2019)
Digital Media: Theory and Practice (MA seminar, Fall 2018)
Digital Culture: Theory and Practice (undergraduate, Winter 2018)
Digital Media Ethnography (MA seminar, Fall 2017)
Piracy: Culture and Politics (MA seminar, Winter 2017) 
Global TV (PhD seminar, Fall 2016)
Methods in Film Studies (MA seminar, Winter 2016)
Genealogies of the Digital (PhD Seminar, Fall 2015)
Media and Cultural Theory in the Global Asias (MA seminar, Winter 2015)
Film History Since 1959 (undergraduate, Fall 2014)

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