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Transforming Knowledge and Making New Forms of Scholarship

Workshop with Prof. Astrida Neimanis (UBC, CRC in Feminist Environmental Humanities) and the Weathering Collective, October, 2022; photo: M. Sussman

About Research-Creation

The Humanities PhD program offers an exceptionally productive and supportive community for students who wish to pursue projects that combine creative practice in a variety of media with scholarly investigation. Students may elect to do a studio-based exam as one of their three comprehensive exams, and their thesis may include non-written elements – such as exhibited artworks, design projects, audio productions, non-scholarly writing, or live or mediated performances – accompanied by a scholarly text of 150 - 200 pages, contextualizing the work within the framework of their larger research investigation. The program is aware that students arrive at creative work through a variety of forms of training and using many different tools and media. Students are welcome to propose new creative work as part of their doctoral research, in close collaboration with members of their supervisory committee, to ensure balance between components of their final project.

Connecting to centres of research

Humanities students and their supervisors are a vital part of Concordia’s diverse Research Centres and Labs, such as:

Showcasing Students' Research Creation

Laura Magnusson, Blue Laura Magnusson, Blue

Visit our student profiles section for a sense of the innovative projects of Humanities students in the Research-Creation stream, including work by Kelly Andres, Kate Bevan-Baker, Joanna Donehower, Natalie Doonan, Gwynne Fulton, Sabah Haider, Joanne Hui, Florencia Marchetti, Dayna McLeod, Taien Ng-Chan, Annie Katsura Rollins, Oli Sorenson, and Margaret Westby.

Faculty supervision for Research-Creation

Characters from Tales from the Anthropocene, Mark Sussman/Great Small Works

Humanities PhD students draw on the expertise of outstanding artists and scholars from across Concordia’s Faculties of Fine Arts and Arts and Science. Explore the profiles of full-time professors from the two Faculties who may serve as supervisors of Humanities students in the Research-Creation stream.

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