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Transforming Knowledge and Making through RESEARCH-CREATION

Ifeoma Anyaeji, Queen Eliza Ifeoma Anyaeji, Queen Eliza [Plastic-bags, (Plasto-yarns), twine, acrylic-sheets, repurposed wood and found objects]
About the Research-Creation stream

The Humanities PhD program offers an exceptionally productive and supportive milieu for students entering with an MFA who wish to pursue research-creation projects that combine creative practice in a variety of media with scholarly investigation. Students in the Research-Creation stream declare Studio as one of their three fields, do a Studio exam as one of their three comprehensive exams, and their thesis may include non-paper components – such as digital medial, and audio and visual production – accompanied by a written scholarly text of 150 - 200 pages. An excellent outline of different modes of research-creation can be found in this article by two Concordia professors with a long-standing involvement in the Humanities program:  Chapman, Owen and Kim Sawchuk.  "Research-Creation:  Intervention, Analysis and 'Family Resemblances'."  Canadian Journal of Communication Vo 37 (2012) 5-26.

Connected to cutting-edge labs

Humanities students in the Research-Creation stream and their supervisors are a vital part of Concordia’s cutting-edge and internationally renowned Research-Creation centres and labs, such as Techno culture Art and Games, Hexagram, SenseLab, Centre for Sensory Studies, Centre for Expanded Poetics, Centre for Curating & Public Scholarship.

Showcasing Students' Research Creation

There's Nothing to Tell, Live Shadow Performance 2012 (Annie Rollins) There's Nothing to Tell, Live Shadow Performance 2012 (Annie Rollins)

Visit our student profiles section for a sense of the innovative projects of Humanities students in the Research-Creation stream, including work by Kelly Andres, Kate Bevan-Baker, Joanna Donehower, Natalie Doonan, Gwynne Fulton, Sabah Haider, Joanne Hui, Florencia Marchetti, Dayna McLeod, Taien Ng-Chan, Annie Katsura Rollins, Oli Sorenson, and Margaret Westby.

Ruby Pasha
Ifeoma Anyaeji, Bonendale nke abo Ifeoma Anyaeji, Bonendale nke abo (Plasto-yearns), twine, repurposed wood, and found plastic object

Alumni Profiles provides a glimpse of the ground-breaking creative work and exciting careers pursued by Humanities graduates in the Research-Creation stream, including:

Tagny Duff, Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University.

Adrian Gorea, artist who combines his practice as a Byzantine iconographer with contemporary art techniques to explore commercial and religious iconic images.

Ted Hiebert, Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington.

Adad Hannah, internationally acclaimed visual artist working in video and photography.

Adina Karasick, author and media-artist.

Craig Morrison, ethnomusicologist, author, teacher, musician.

You could consult theses by these graduates and others in the Humanities theses database.

Research-Creation Humanities supervisors

Oli Sorenson, Pistoletto [video]


Humanities PhD students are able to draw on the expertise of outstanding artists and scholars from across Concordia’s Faculties of Fine Arts and Arts and Science. Explore the faculty profiles of professors from Fine Arts who serve as supervisors of Humanities students in the Research-Creation stream, as well as faculty in the graduate Creative Writing program in the English Department.

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