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Call for proposals

Loyola College Working Group
Calls for Proposal go out for different CISSC initiatives throughout the year. Please find below a list of those initiatives, and information regarding application procedures as well as deadlines. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

If you have an idea for a public lecture, exhibition, workshop or symposium, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture (CISSC) would like to help make your event happen. The one condition is that the happening contribute to the expansion of interdisciplinary studies at Concordia by appealing to a super-departmental audience.

Applications are invited from individual full-time faculty members in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of Fine Arts, and may also be on behalf of a working group, research team or other research unit.

CISSC may contribute $600, $900, $1,200 or $1,800 to the sponsorship of your happening. $1,800 is reserved for the organization of a conference, $1,200 for an invited speaker (i.e. visiting lecturer) or a keynote speaker at a conference, $900 or $600 for more local events. Proposals, using the CISSC Happenings Proposal Form, will be accepted throughout the year. However, you should submit your application a good 8 weeks prior to the proposed happening to allow time for it to be reviewed and for appropriate publicity to be arranged.

CISSC contributions are also sometimes used as matching funds for purposes of an application to the Aid to Research-Related Events (ARRE) program run by the Office of the Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, or a SSHRC Connections grant. Note: Each faculty has its own internal deadlines for applications to the ARRE (twice per year) or Connections grant program (four times per year). Please check with your faculty research facilitator. CISSC will expedite the review of applications that solicit matching funds. In all cases we aspire to get back to you with news of our decision within 10 days of receiving your application.

All applications are reviewed by the CISSC Steering Committee. Criteria include academic or artistic stature of the invited speaker, interest of the topic and potential contribution to the advancement of interdisciplinary studies at Concordia. Eligible expenses include such items as airfare, local transportation and meals (alcohol is not reimbursable) and honoraria. 

As noted above, applications for CISSC Happenings are received and reviewed on a rolling basis. However, once our funding commitments for the year are met, we cannot entertain any further applications. We reget to inform you that we cannot accept any more applications for events to take place during the 2019-2020 academic year due to the exceptionally high number of highly deserving applications received and approved during the Summer and Fall.

Please contact us any time. 

CISSC Happenings Proposal Form

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