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Faculty members


  • Raymond Marius Boucher
    Senior Lecturer, Theatre

    scenography, production design, design for the theatre, set design, costume design, drama/performance, experimental theatre, preservation of creative processes, mise-en-scene, acting, audience, stage management, art direction for film/video, art direction for the theatre, arts administration, heritage preservation, performing arts, Quebec studies
  • Ana Cappelluto
    Professor, Theatre
    Faculty of Fine Arts Associate Dean, Planning and Academic Facilities

    scenography, audience, devised theatre, found space, theatre design, lighting design, set design, production design, actor-space relationship, design for the theatre, video in theatre, theatre technology, mise-en-scene, contemporary circus, contemporary dance, 7 Doigts
  • Jessica Carmichael
    Assistant Professor, Theatre

  • Noah Drew
    Associate Professor, Theatre

    voice, acting, Fitzmaurice Voicework, presence, public speaking, nervousness, somatics, embodiment, drama, theatre, performance, storytelling, interdisciplinarity, listening, sound, sound design, music composition, playwriting, devised theatre, performance creation, collective creation, dramaturgy, performing arts, immersive performance, live games, ethnographic performance
  • Gene Gibbons
    Associate Professor, Theatre

  • Shauna Janssen
    Assistant Professor, Theatre
    Affiliate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment
    Concordia University Research Chair in Performative Urbanism, Fine Arts

    performative urbanism, spatial dramaturgy, public space, interdisciplinary practices, urban scenography, performance technology, design activism, queer theory, feminist methodology, socially engaged art, critical spatial practice, architecture
  • Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer
    Associate Professor, Theatre

  • Robert Reid
    Associate Professor, Theatre

    acting, jeu, theatrical traditions, theatrical biomechanics, Meyerhold, mise en scène, directing, spoken word, experimental theatre, contemporary dramaturgy, co-presence, commun, popular theatre, stage dynamics, grotesque, Jingju, Beijing opera, Chinese opera, performing arts, Quebec drama studies, Italian theatre
  • Luis Carlos Sotelo Castro
    Associate Professor, Theatre

    oral history performance, listening/hearing, experimental theatre, research-creation, social innovation, documentary theatre, walking, participatory processes, sound, activism, war and memory, theatre for social change, relational art, storytelling, representation, drama/performance, violence, performance studies, Latin America, participatory art
  • Mark J. Sussman
    Associate Professor, Theatre
    Director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture

    performance studies, material performance, avant-garde and experimental theatre, animation of public space, object theatre, performance ethnography, Hemispheric performance, magic,cantastoria, political circus, parades, pageantry, collective creation, festival, pedagogy

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