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Leslie Baker, MA, MFA

Part-time Professor, Theatre


Leslie Baker, a graduate of the Experimental Theatre Wing of NYU's TISCH School for the Arts (BFA), Missouri State University (MA) and Towson University (MFA), has worked as a director, assistant director, acting and movement teacher, movement coach and performer in both theatre and performance art; working internationally since the mid-1990’s. She loves working in traditional arenas as well as site specific performance installations, exploring performance in theatrical contexts while simultaneously working with interventionist experiences.  In these various capacities, Leslie has had the opportunity over the years to work with Robert Wilson, Richard Foreman, Emma Tibaldo, Tedi Tafel, Peter Bottazzi, Micheline Chevrier, Leeny Sack, Mary Overlie, Ruth Madoc-Jones, Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre and Bettina Hoffman amongst others. 

Leslie’s specialty is devised physical / visual theatre. These performances have been presented at Espace Tangente, Studio 303’s Edgy Women, Summerworks in Toronto and Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival.  Her creations have as well toured to various festivals in Europe and the United States. For over 20 years, Leslie has been teaching the Six Viewpoints and a Physical Approach to Acting.  She has taught at the National Theatre School of Canada, Concordia University, University of Costa Rica, Studio 303, EOLIA Center (Barcelona) and Carver Center for Arts (Baltimore), amongst others.

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