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Noah Drew, MFA

Associate Professor, Theatre

Noah Drew, MFA
photo by Jean-Marc Abela

Noah Drew is an "all-terrain theatre artist" originally from Vancouver. He has worked across North America, and in Europe and South America, as an actor, composer, sound designer, writer/director/dramaturge and teacher. He is a Certified Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and has taught dozens of workshops around the world in this radical approach to voice training. Noah has taught several times in the Fitzmaurice Voicework Teacher Certification programs in New York and Los Angeles, and is the former Director of Conferences for the Fitzmaurice Institute. He is a co-artistic director of the theatre and new media company Jump Current Performance and is a founding member of the research cluster LePARC MILEUX.

Drew's sound designs and music for theatre and dance have been performed on four continents, and have been honoured with six Jessie Awards (19 nominations total) and a Siminovitch Prize nomination. Drew's projects have included work with the National Arts Centre of Canada (Ottawa), NeWorld Theatre (Vancouver), The Arts Club (Vancouver), Bard on the Beach (Vancouver), The Belfry Theatre (Victoria), Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre (Ottawa), Little Swan Pictures (Philadelphia/Portland), Theatre Tribe (Los Angeles), and White Pines Productions (Philadelphia), as well as many others. Prior to joining Concordia in 2012, Noah taught at Vancouver Film School, Temple University, Douglas College and various private schools/studios in Canada and the U.S. 

Noah's research and research-creation focuses on exploring strategies for catalyzing and cultivating heightened states of presence in performers and audiences. Noah's work draws on aspects of sensory immersion and sensory dramaturgy; (auto)ethnography and a dynamic interplay between true lived experiences and fiction; gamified theatre, and somatic practices.

Another of Drew's major research interests is how performers and professionals can learn to increase their stress resilience at a nervous system level. Drew's work explores strategies for transforming nervousness and other challenges into vibrant, committed, powerful communication.

Current/recent major projects include: The Riot Ballet (Montreal/Seattle), an international, intercultural, immersive, interactive game-theatre event exploring themes of protest, environmentalism, authority and journalistic distortion ; Tiny Music (Chutzpah! Festival, Vancouver), a "sound design musical" Drew is wrote and composed; Salamandra (in-progress), a semi-fictional account of how co-creator (and acclaimed projections designer) Jamie Nesbitt inherited and then lost a 150-room castle in Zakopane, Poland; and Hear Me Looking at You (Galway/Toronto/Vancouver), a theatrical storytelling piece by notable ethnographer Dara Culhane, for which Drew acted as dramaturge and director.

Teaching activities

Courses taught

Voice for the Stage (all levels), Scene Study, The Engaged Theatre Artist, The Emerging Artist

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