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Ana Cappelluto is a Professor in the Department of Theatre at Concordia University where she teaches Design for the Theatre. Her research, financially supported by Hexagram Research Institute, Industry Canada,Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture, and the Gouvernment du Quebec Ministére de l'Industrie et du Commerce and the CANARIE initiative, focuses on the development of new scenographic tools. 

Cappelluto is also an award-winning scenographer. She has designed shows that have been produced in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Switzerland, Italy and Paris. Her designs have traveled to numerous national and international festivals including Londrina International Festival, Brazil, Singapore Arts Festival, Atlantic New Dance Festival, Nova Scotia, Valencia International Arts Festival, Venezuela, Spoleto Festival, Florida, Festival Teatro a Mil, Santiago, Chile, Festival International des Théâtres Francophones, Limoges, France and Aoyama Round Theatre, Tokyo, Japan. 

In 2000 she completed a two-year project entitled Capturing Costume History: Assessing the contribution of three major modern Quebec costume designers; Francois Barbeau, loise Jobin and Francois Laplante. This project involved researching, documenting and photographing the work of Quebec's pre-eminent costume designers. Over 800 theatrical costumes housed at Centre national de recherché et de diffusion du costumewere captured in digital form and are now available on a web site created as part of Canada's Digital Collections. 

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