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How to apply

Fall 2024 Admissions

Applications are still open!

Out-of-Province Awards for Undergraduate Students

Concordia is pleased to announce new funding opportunities for Canadian students from outside of Quebec. In recognition of your academic achievement, and to help offset the recently announced tuition increases, we are offering new Out-of-Province Awards. These awards, which eligible applicants will automatically be guaranteed, will keep a Concordia education accessible to all Canadians.

Step 1: Complete Concordia's admissions application

All new applicants must complete Concordia University's online admissions application before submitting a portfolio or video audition.

If you are already a student at Concordia please review the following instructions:

Other faculties

Concordia students currently enrolled in another faculty (Arts and Science, Gina Cody School, or JMSB) choose one of the following, according to your situation:

You must submit this first in order to be allowed to sign up for an audition and/or interview. The deadline to submit this request is March 1, 2023.

Concordia students enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts

Once the form is complete, it can be attached to the pre-audition questionnaire.

Step 3: Curate your portfolio and/or prepare your audition video

Select your program of interest for details regarding the audition, portfolio, or other supporting materials.

Record a video as follows:

  • A one-minute (maximum) introduction of yourself, speaking about who you are as an actor/artist and why you’re interested in coming to the Acting for the Theatre program at Concordia. 
    • Include your full name and where you currently reside.
  • A monologue of your choosing, selected from our list. Your performance should be recorded in a single, continuous take (no edits), with your whole body visible at all times.
  • A one-minute (maximum) character-based physical performance or movement piece, using very few words (if any). The piece should include a clear beginning, middle and end, and should tell a simple story in a theatrical way. Your piece can involve mime, dance-theatre, acrobatics clown, stage combat, or any other physical performance style. You can use costumes, props, music, or other performers if you wish. Just make sure the main focus is on telling a story – about a character in a situation taking actions in response to events – with your body. Again, this should be recorded in a single, continuous take.

Upload your video to YouTube, and post it with an “unlisted” setting. Please note that a URL for a public, "listed" video will not function. You are strongly encouraged to submit your video and other application materials by February 1, though we will continue to accept applications until March 1.

Submit your materials. You will be able to upload your letter of intent, and paste the URL of your video in that form. 

Selected applicants will be invited to a group callback in Montreal on March 23rd or 24th.  Group callbacks for the ACTT Program are live, in-person in Montreal, and there’s an online option as well.

If possible for you, we encourage you to attend in-person. We believe that being in the room with the instructors who'll be your teachers, in the studios where you'll train, is the best way for you to see whether this program is right for you. That said, if you live far from Montreal and travel isn't feasible for you, we're happy to see you for an online callback via the Zoom app (using a link that will be sent to you closer to the date).

Please arrive 30 minutes before your in-person appointment, or 10 minutes before your online appointment. 

If you have any questions about the Program or about the audition/callback process, please contact the coordinator of  Acting for the Theatre at


Compose and record an original performance piece. You will share it as a video using the submission form. 

Your original performance piece may draw inspiration from source material and/ or a topic that resonates with you and reveals something about your imagination and creativity. 

·         It must be 3 minutes long, and include at least three of the following ingredients:

o     water

o    30 seconds of chaos

o    15 seconds of absolute stillness

o    two contrasting music choices

o    a gift

o    a photograph

o    a garment

o    unexpected light

o    garbage

o    jazz

o    Twitter

o    a revelation

Short excerpts of poetry, text, and/or music from external sources are encouraged, as well as original material created by you.

·         Upload your video to YouTube, and post it with an “unlisted” setting. Please note that a URL for a public "listed" video will not function. You will be able to add the URL in Step 4.

·         Applicants are encouraged to submit additional materials that demonstrate a creative practice in the form of an e-portfolio. e.g. work with music or sound, design, visual arts, etc. Writing material such as a play or critical essay is also accepted with a 10 page maximum in excerpt form. 

Submit your materials.

You will be able to upload your letter of intent and supporting materials, as well as paste the URL of your video on that form.

As part of the application process to the Specialization in Performance Creation (PERC) you are invited to participate in-person (live in Montreal) and/ or remotely for the group workshops and interview on March 23rd or 24th. For in-person workshops please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment. Should you be unable to attend in-person, we'll meet via the Zoom app, using a link that will be sent to you closer to the date.

Please indicate in your application whether you intend to participate in the PERC workshops/interviews in person or remotely via the Zoom app. If you live outside of the Montreal area and intend to participate in the workshop/interview in-person, we recommend making tentative (refundable) travel plans as soon as you've completed your application. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the coordinator of the Performance Creation Program at

 Curate your portfolio. Please upload images of your creative work, including:

  • drawings
  • paintings
  • sculptures
  • photographs
  • videos
  • clothing you have designed or made
  • or any other relevant work
  • Submit your materials to the online form, and select an appointment for a virtual or in-person portfolio group review session (March 23rd or 24th).

If you have any questions regarding the Program, please contact the coordinator of the Scenography Program at

Step 4: Submit your materials

Fill out the Theatre Admission Questionnaire to submit your letter of intent, photo, and supporting materials. 

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