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How to apply

All new applicants must complete Concordia University's online admissions application before booking an appointment for an audition, or submitting a portfolio.

Make sure you meet the general admission requirements, including minimum educational qualifications, required documents, proof of language proficiency and mature student entry.

If you are already a student at Concordia please review the following instructions:

  • Concordia students currently enrolled in a BFA undergraduate degree:  Complete the Internal Transfer of Program Request Form and submit it to the Department of Theatre at GM-500.01.  You must submit this first in order to be allowed to sign up for an audition and/or interview.
  • Concordia students currently enrolled in another faculty (e.g. Arts & Science): Follow the steps to apply for a Degree Transfer. You must submit this first in order to be allowed to sign up for an audition and/or interview. 


A letter of intent helps those considering your application to learn more about who you are as an artist and a student, how you express yourself in writing, and what your goals are within the program.

In your letter of intent you should touch upon the following subjects:

  • Your interest for theatre and the program(s) to which you are applying.
  • Why you want to do this work and study this art form?
  • Past theatre experience, or other experience that you feel is relevant to your choice of program.
  • What you are looking for in the program?
  • Anything else that you think is relevant, but not covered by the other questions. For example, what inspires you? What related skills do you have?

One to two pages should be enough for you to succinctly write about all the topics.

Please save your letter as a word doc or PDF. You will be able to upload it when you book your appointment in step 4.

Select your program of interest for details regarding the audition, interview or portfolio:

Fill out the Pre-Audition Questionnaire to book your appointment(s). 

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