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Dr. Andre Ondino Furlani, PhD

Full Professor, English
Fellow, School of Irish Studies

Dr. Andre Ondino Furlani, PhD


PhD in English, University of Toronto 1993
MA in English, Queen’s University, 1988
BA Honours English, Queen’s University, 1984

Research and teaching interests

American, Irish, British and European Modernism
American Postmodernism
Modern and Contemporary Comparative Literature
Contemporary Canadian literature

Urban studies, environmental and mobility studies
Philosophy and literature
Poetics, rhetoric, and critical theory

Teaching activities

Thesis supervision

Professor Ó hAllmhuráin is interested in attracting graduate students (at MA and Ph.D. level) in the following fields:  Irish Cultural History in Quebec - Canadian Irish History - Irish Sociology and Anthropology - Irish Language and Folklife - Irish Music History and Ethnomusicology - Early Irish and Mediaeval History - Cultural History of the Irish Diaspora

Mic Léinn Iarchéime

Tá suim ag an Ollamh Ó hAllmhuráin mic léinn iarchéime (idir mhic léinn ag leibhéal na máistreachta agus mhic léinn ag leibheál na dochtúireachta) a mhealladh go Concordia le taighde  a dhéanamh i gceann amháin de na réimsí seo a leanas :  Stair Chultúrtha na nÉireannach in Québec – Stair na nGael-Cheanadaigh – Socheolaíocht agus Antraipeolaíocht na hÉireann – An Ghaeilge agus an Béaloideas – Stair an Cheoil Ghaelaigh agus Eitnicheoleolaíocht – Luath-Stair agus Stair Mheánaoiseach na hÉireann – Stair Chultúrtha an Diaspora Éireannaigh

Selected publications

Flowing Tides-History and Memory in an Irish Soundscape

Flowing Tides-History and Memory in an Irish Soundscape (Oxford University Press, New York, 2016) ISBN: 9780199380084  Published: 08 July 2016; 344 Pages

Placing the testimony of music and music makers at the center of Irish cultural history and working from a palette of disciplines, Flowing Tides explores an Irish soundscape undergoing radical change in the period from the Napoleonic Wars to the Great Famine, from the birth of the nation state to the meteoric rise-and fall-of the Celtic Tiger.

Despite its isolation on the western edge of Europe, Ireland occupies vast amounts of space on the music maps of the world. Although deeply rooted in time and place, Irish songs, dances and instrumental traditions have a history of global travel that span the centuries. Whether carried by exiles, or distributed by commercial networks, Irish traditional music is one of the most popular World Music genres, while Clare, on Ireland's Atlantic seaboard, enjoys unrivaled status as a "Home of the Music," a mecca for tourists and aficionados eager to enjoy the authentic sounds of Ireland.

For the first time, this remarkable soundscape is explored by an insider-a fourth generation Clare concertina player, uilleann piper and an internationally recognized authority on Irish traditional music. Entrusted with the testimonies, tune lore, and historic field recordings of Clare performers, Gearóid Ó hAllmhuráin reveals why this ancient place is a site of musical pilgrimage and how it absorbed the impact of global cultural flows for centuries. These flows brought musical change inwards, while simultaneously facilitating outflows of musical change to the world beyond - in more recent times, through the music of Clare stars like Martin Hayes and the Kilfenora Céilí Band. 

A Pocket History of Irish Traditional Music

A Pocket History of Irish Traditional Music (O'Brien Press, Dublin, 1998- , 3rd edition, Kindle) paperback 192 pages  ISBN: 9780862788209 / EPUB ISBN: 9781847175083

* Over 15,000 copies sold since original 1998 publication

This publication presents the history of Irish traditional music, song and dance from the mythological harp of the Dagda right up to Riverdance. Exploring anabundant spectrum of historical sources, music and folklore, this guide uncovers the contribution of the Normans to Irish dancing, the role of the music maker in Penal Ireland, as well as the popularity of dance tunes and setdancing from the end of the 18th century. 

"The place of sound – the sound of place: Irish music and cultural memory in rural Quebec"

Chapter in ‘Ireland and Quebec-Multidisciplinary perspectives on history, culture and society’ (Margaret Kelleher & Michael Kenneally, editors, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2016)

Participation activities

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