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  • Part-time Faculty, Art History
    Contemporary Mexican and Latino American art, popular culture and aesthetics, geography and the representation of space, violence and narcotrafficking.
  • Part-time professor, Art History
    Part-time professor, Studio Arts
    contemporary art, video art, media art, installation, photography, cinema, sound, art practice, drawing, moving image studies, screen culture, documentary, experimental cinema, film/media theory, temporality, memory, archive, autobiography, performativity, identity, transnationalism
  • Part-time Professor, Art History
  • Part-time faculty, Art History
  • Part-time Professor, Art History
  • Professor Part-time, MFA and Art History, Fine Arts
  • Part-time Faculty, Art History
    Representations of Eve in Romanesque Sculpture, Digital Humanities, Spolia in Christian & Islamic Medieval Architecture, Body & Beauty in Medieval Art & Thought, Vernacular & Religious Literature, Theology, Women Issues, Neo-medievalism
  • Part-time faculty, Art History
  • Part-Time Faculty, Art History
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