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exhibition poster for Diaspora Reframed: Locating Identities

Diaspora Reframed: Locating Identities

February 21 - March 13, 2022

Coordinated by Nicholas Raffoul

The Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group (EAHR) is proud to present Diaspora Reframed: Locating Identities presented in collaboration with students of ARTH 389: Issues in Ethnocultural Art Histories: Race, Citizenship and Art in Canada (Fall 2021). This exhibition features written texts about selected works by Laurena Finéus, Marigold Santos, Dominique Fung and Shellie Zhang, of Haitian, Filipino and Chinese ancestry respectively. This exhibition is a conjoined project to share, written pieces (wall texts) and reflections that emerged within the context of the class, as they encouraged students to critically examine the politics of representation, redress and recognition in Canadian art, focusing (not exclusively) on contemporary praxis by artists of Asian and African descent.

The curatorial committee formed by undergraduate students Naimah-Bint Amin, Ali Byers, Rhys Buhl, Kelsey McGowan, Billie Palmer, and Kioni Sasaki-Picou enrolled in ARTH 389 during the fall of 2021 selected four texts written by their classmates to be featured in this virtual exhibition. Under their curatorial vision, all the texts and respective artworks have been grouped to expand course conversations, making this exhibition a space for discussion and reflection that transcends the classroom’s walls. 

The authors of the selected wall texts have beautifully and critically responded to the artworks of four contemporary female artists from Turtle Island. The artists’ practices challenge a colonial gaze that has long dictated the selfhood of racialized migrant communities. 

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Previous exhibition

Sight and Space

Curated by Nicholas Raffoul

With MA thesis projects by Wanessa Cardoso de Sousa, Sara Shields-Rivard, Patricia Pérez Rabelo and Christa Nemnom

December 13, 2021 - January 17, 2022

The Department of Art History of Concordia University invites you to explore a glimpse of the research topics of our recently-graduated Master’s students. This virtual exhibition features the thesis abstracts and still images from four recently-graduated students that tackle contemporary questions in art history, including but not limited to queer interior design, spatial memory, vernacular architecture, new materialism, affect, and subjectivity. This virtual exhibition was created and curated by Nicholas Raffoul, a first-year Art History MA student at Concordia University. Exhibiting MA Students: Wanessa Cardoso de Sousa, Sara Shields-Rivard, Patricia Pérez Rabelo and Christa Nemnom.

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