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Faculty members

Film Animation


  • Associate Professor, Film Animation Undergraduate Program, Cinema
    animation, drawing, music making, improvisation, sound, cinema, sound design, visual music, music composition, film scores, film/media production, abstraction in visual art, sound effects, media arts, animation theory, pre-cinematic animation, experimental animation, transdisciplinarity, animation studies, aleatoric music
  • Associate Professor (Film Animation), Cinema
    Neurodiversity, motherhood, animation, animated documentary, under camera animation, clay animation, direct animation, community based animation, autism, gender and neurodiversity, Down syndrome, maternal health, diversity, inclusion, social justice animation
  • ETA, Full-time Faculty (Film Animation), Cinema
    animation director, computer animation, traditional animation, character animation, clay animation, stop motion animation, film directing, art direction for film/video, media arts, film/media production, sculpture, drawing, puppetry, music videos, children's media, sound, visual effects, composting, cinema, animation
  • Associate Professor in Film Animation, Cinema
    animation, cinema, film/media production, direct animation, digital media, community-based, African animation , storytelling, traditional animation, drawing, computer animation, media arts, children's media, short films¿, animation film

Part-time (partial list)

Film Production


  • Assistant Professor, LTA, Cinema
  • Associate Professor (Film Production), Cinema
    generative storytelling, responsive environments, urban embedded cinema, screen-based reactive arts, screen culture, experimental cinema, interactivity, visual adaptive storyscapes, cinema, film/media production, storytelling, interaction design, interactive narrative, future cinema, intelligent images, spatialization, ubiquitous computing, hypercinema, urban futures
  • Professor (Film Production), Cinema
  • Professor (Film Production), Cinema
    fiction,script writing, cinema, black and white, 35mm, 16mm, silent films, sound design, portraiture, storytelling, cinematography, old/new, low budget processes, independent films, feature films, short films, non-toxic, sustainable film processing, labcaf
  • Professor (Film Production), Cinema
  • Professor (Film Production), Cinema
    Holo Editorial Layering Process, l'Atlas Cinematographique, moving image technologies, film/media production, cinema, craft of fiction, documentary making, film directing, screenwriting, storytelling, independent films, in-camera special effects, feature films, music videos, television, corporate films, advertising strategies, creative producing, multi platforms broadcasting
  • Assistant Professor, Cinema
    Moving image arts; Experimental film and video; hybrid non-fiction film and video; Environmental art; Anthropocene studies; Ecofeminism; Sound art
  • Professor (Film Production); Concordia Research Chair in Experimental Nonfiction Practices, Cinema
  • Associate Professor (Film Production), Undergraduate Program Director, Cinema

Part-time (partial list)

Film Studies


  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
    postcolonial theory, orientalism, cultural studies, globalization, transnationalism, documentary film, cultural histories of cinema, travel films, hybrid nonfiction films, Italian cinema, Pier Paolo Pasolini.
  • Assistant Professor, Art History
    Assistant Professor, Cinema
    interactivity and immersion; public art and social engagement; affect; haunting and spectrality; cultural studies; visual and material cultures; museums and archives; critical race studies; settler and postcolonial studies.
  • Assistant Professor, Cinema
    Arab and Middle Eastern cinema, gender and sexuality studies, German cinema, critical theory and Marxism, methods of pedagogy and institutional critique
  • Chair of the School of Cinema; Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in Film Studies (Hon.), Cinema
    General and applied semiotics, philosophy (Peirce and pragmatism, Wittgenstein and the philosophy of language, epistemology, hermeneutics, aesthetics), classical and contemporary film theories, modern and postmodern film, narrative theory, cultural studies, cinéma québécois, Hollywood cinema, Hitchcock, Eisenstein, Truffaut, Godard and the French New Wave.
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
  • Professor, Studio Arts
    Professor, Cinema
    process philosophy, neurodiversity, research-creation
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
    women and film/media, feminist media studies, creative economy, women's cinephilia, feminist theory, contemporary auteur cinema, moving image studies, postmodernism, globalization and women's cinema, silent films, film/media theory, theories of national cinemas, critical theory, screen culture, history of the moving image, French cinema, Italian cinema, Spanish cinema, literary theory
  • Associate Professor, Cinema
    global media, digital culture, China/Asia, cultural theory, political theory, overdevelopment
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
  • Distinguished Professor, Film Studies, Cinema
    cinephilia, experimental cinema, Japanese cinema, ethnographic film, women and film/media, cultural studies, film/media theory, criticism, North American cinema, melodrama, Walter Benjamin, phantasmagoria, classic Hollywood, film/media historiography, moving image studies, urban futures, cinema, Japan, sound, history of media arts
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
    Concordia University Research Chair in Transnational Media Arts and Cultures
    transnationalism, Marxist theory, cinema, civil society, Latin America, Soviet film, history of film theory/criticism, sound, "Third Cinemas", New Latin American Cinema, Thirdworldism, political cinema, cultural studies, history of film education, global socialist/postsocialist cultures, postcolonialism, film institutions, history of film festivals, translation in cinema
  • Professor, Film Studies, Cinema
    Director, The Platform Lab, Cinema
    digital platforms, platform economics, media industries, media management, transmedia, animation, Japanese anime, digital culture, character merchandising, media studies, digital media, Internet history, media theory, visual culture, East Asia
  • Professor (Film Studies), Cinema
    muselogy, feminism, moving image technologies, portable film technologies, cultural histories of cinema, moving image studies, film/media historiography, women and film/media, film/media theory, cultural studies, history of media arts, cinema, sound, television, web videos, critical curatorial studies, emergent media
  • Assistant Professor, Cinema
    Canada Research Chair, Media and Migration, Cinema
    video cultures, video platforms, media infrastructures, migration, informal media practices
  • Assistant Professor - First Peoples Studies, School of Community and Public Affairs

Part-time (partial list)

  • Part-time Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
    Part-time Faculty (Film Studies), Cinema
    contemporary art cinema, celebrity, fan culture, sex in the cinema, porn studies, cultural studies, sociology of gender, sociology of culture, comics studies
  • Part-time Professor, Cinema
  • Part-time Faculty (Film Studies and Film Production), Cinema
  • Part-time Faculty, Design and Computation Arts
    Part-time Faculty, Cinema
  • Part-time Faculty (Film Studies), Cinema
    Film Criticism, horror genre, Andrei Tarkovsky, cinema and temporality, film style
  • Part-time Faculty (Film Studies), Cinema
  • Reserve Course Instructor, Cinema

Affiliated faculty

  • Distinguished University Research Professor, Communication Studies
    Media and Cultural Theory, Film and Moving Image Studies, Cultural History, Audiovisual Technology, Popular Culture, Media Industries
  • Professor and Canada Research Chair In Game Studies & Design, Communication Studies
    game studies, qualitative research methods, new media, popular culture.
  • Department Chair
    Professor, Communication Studies
    experimental media arts; alternative media; Expo 67; identity and cultural politics
  • Professor, Communication Studies
    Canada Research Chair in Feminist Media Studies
    Director, Feminist Media Studio
    feminist media studies; contemporary art and activism; queer theory; migration studies; globalization; border theory; feminist STS; infrastructure studies; critical race studies; affect; research-creation; environmental humanities
  • Performance Studies, School of Irish Studies
    Ireland, Performance, Theatre, Film, Activism, Performativity, Inerculturalism, Gender, Race, Class
  • Associate Professor, History
  • Professor, Art History
    Contemporary Art, Canadian Art since the 1960s, Landscape, Art and Aesthetics, Visual Culture, Urban Art and Culture
  • Associate Professor, English
    Concordia University Research Chair, Media & Contemporary Literature, Tier 2, English
    media history / video game studies / communication studies / contemporary literature / avant-garde poetics
  • Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Emeritus faculty

  • Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Film Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, Cinema
    documentaries, film/media theory, queer studies, sexual representation, Canadian cinema, cinema quebecois, HIV/AIDS, queer film/media, Joris Ivens, independent Indian cinema, pornography, homoeroticism, history of the moving image, gender and sexuality, identity/territory, social change, cultural studies, Quebec studies, activism
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