We feature smaller studio classes, which allows students to fully explore their artistic motivations, resulting in one of the leading camera-to-student ratios in North America. Our equipment is state of the art, allowing students access and training on some of the most advanced cinema systems and post-production platforms available.


This equipment depot loans equipment only to students in the School of Cinema. Find us in room FB 307.

Research infrastructure

Research infrastructure includes a moving image collection of over 35,000 titles (on 35mm, 16mm and digital formats), all of which are available for viewing and research. Our three screening rooms are equipped with state of the art digital projectors, 16mm and 35mm projection. The Global Emergent Media Lab offers students opportunities to work with innovative equipment for film/ video scanning and preservation, online video monitoring stations, and resources for a range of street-level media practices.

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Screening facilities:
J.A. de Sève Cinema

The de Sève Cinema is one of four cinemas at Concordia that support the university’s Film Studies program.

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