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IITS Cinemas and Events provide professional technical support for in person, virtual and hybrid events hosted across both campuses of the University.

We manage three professional cinemas on the downtown campus that offer some of the highest quality projection equipment the city has to offer.

Photo by Maryse Boyce

Our services

We host film classes for Concordia's Film Studies program, film festivals, international multi-day hybrid conferences, support all manner of internal community activities such as meetings, lecture series, Board of Governor’s, Senate, Open house and Convocation.

Our trained technicians specialize in supporting complex hybrid activities, digital and analogue projection equipment, including 4k digital cinema projection, 35 mm reel to reel and 16 mm film projection, as well as multimedia presentations, panel discussions and livestreaming.

In addition to academic support, we provide annual event planning for several high-profile events, including:

Fantasia audience

Cinemas on campus

J.A. DeSève Cinema

Library Building
Discover how to reserve

Sir George Williams Alumni Auditorium

Hall Building
Learn more about booking

VA-114 Teaching Cinema

Fine Arts Building
Find out how to book
Fantasia Film Festival, 2023

Clients we serve


These events are hosted by faculty or students in direct support of for-credit courses with no registration or admission fees. Content should be directly linked to a syllabus. Clients must provide an applicable course code (student) and/or budget code (faculty).


These events are hosted and organized by current faculty, staff and recognized student associations with a valid university ID card, who require use of university space to conduct university-related activities.

These events are organized by faculty or staff for the regular operations of their department. Third-party (external) organizers fall under the external preferred category.


These events are organized by recognized student associations for activities related to a student group mandate. Student groups must have approved costs and provide budget code minimum five (5) business days in advance of an event, 10 business days for hybrid.

We support a variety of event types and can provide consultation (free of charge) with our technical team to guide event organizers who need technical assistance.

Organizers of major conferences/events are encouraged to contact Hospitality Concordia for event coordination services at


External/Preferred Users (persons, groups or organizations) who are not members of the university and who wish to rent space on campus. This includes current faculty, staff and students, alumni and retired university-employees who wish to host non-University-related activities on campus and not-for profit organizations (active NEQ required). A standard lease agreement and deposit will be required at the time of booking. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can use our services and when? 

Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and external clients. Our services are available seven days a week during building operating hours, upon request.

See more information above about how we classify clients who request our services.

How much does it cost?

Visit each cinema venue page for a breakdown of the costs for projection services.

Visit the Virtual and Onsite technical support for a breakdown of tech support in other venues. 

How do I reserve a Cinema? 

Check the calendar to see upcoming availabilities in the cinemas:

To reserve the H-110 Alumni Auditorium:

For Technical support or consultation

Who can I contact with questions?

Get in touch with for any questions about booking any of the cinemas or technical support on campus. 

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