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Each year the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema offers awards and scholarships, donated by Mel Hoppenheim together with various individuals (including faculty and staff), companies, production facilities, and foundations.

Scholarships and awards are given at the end of the academic year to recognize students' scholastic and artistic achievement. The awards include cash and services from various production facilities. Scholarships are offered as tuition waivers.

List of awards

Recipients are selected by faculty juries for in-course achievement; applications are not accepted.

  • Advisory Board Scholarships
  • André Bazin / George Sadoul Film Award
  • Concordia University Stop-Motion Animation Award
  • Concordia University Entrance Awards
  • Concordia University In-Course Awards
  • Don Arioli Award in Animation
  • Emru Townsend Animation Award 
  • Fantasia Award i Film Production
  • Film Style History Award
  • Fondation J.A. DeSève Awards 
  • Graduate Film Studies Award
  • Grant Munro Entrance Scholarship
  • Heather Walker Memorial Scholarship
  • James Shavick Award in Film Production
  • Marie-Claire Ropars Award in Film Studies
  • Matthew Czerny Award in Film Production
  • Mel Hoppenheim Award
  • Norman McLaren Film Animation Award
  • Oksana and John Locke Award: The First 100 Years of Cinema
  • Peter Lenkov Award in Scriptwriting
  • Sean Wall Scholarship
  • Susan Pigott Fellowship for Indigenous Students in Film Production and Film Animation
  • Susan Schouten Documentary Film Award
  • TV Paint Award in Animation
  • William K. Everson Award in Film Studies

Film Animation awards

Applicants to Film Animation are eligible to apply for the Grant Munro Entrance Scholarships in Film Animation in addition to established general Concordia entrance scholarships

The Grant Munro Entrance Scholarships in Film Animation are reserved for candidates from communities who are, at the time of their admission, underrepresented in higher education. Indigenous artists, visible & cultural minorities, refugees or applicants from other such underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Grant Munro Scholarships are valued at up to $8000. Two scholarships are awarded each year. Applicants are encouraged to include a brief autobiographical paragraph within their letter of intent in their portfolio indicating how the scholarship would impact their studies. 

Awards for Indigenous students

Indigenous students residing in Canada are invited to apply for the Susan Pigott Fellowship. This Fellowship was established for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding an undergradaute or graduate student enrolled in full-time or part-time study in Film Animation or Film Production in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. The award is for Indigenous candidates who are Canadian residents.

Graduate funding

  • Funding is available to MA students on a competitive basis through fellowships, scholarships, and other awards. 
  • MA Students entering the program with a SSHRC or FRQSC fellowship receive a $6000 top up.
  • All PhD students in Film and Moving Image Studies receive funding. International fee remissions are available for foreign students.
  • MA and PhD students are also eligible to work as Teaching Assistants as well as Research Assistants.  
  • PhD students have opportunities to teach undergraduate courses.
  • PhD Students entering the program with a SSHRC or FRQSC fellowship receive a $10,000 top-up.

Post-graduation funding

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