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Student associations and initiatives

Student associations

Animate Concordia

Animate Concordia is a place to both bring news about club events and showcase all works from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema’s Film Animation Program.

Students Cinema Club (SCC)

Welcome to the Student Cinema Club (SCC)! We are a Concordia Fine Arts club dedicated to the screening of student work. We are providing a space for young filmmakers to showcase their projects made outside of school, encourage conversations and networking for students and professionals.

Concordia Graduate Film Studies Association

A student association for MA and PhD students at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University.


Grad/Aperture is the student-run website for graduate students of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University.

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) is an accredited student association, comprised of all students enrolled in a major, minor or specialization within the fine arts.

Student initiatives

Concordia Film Festival 

The Concordia Film Festival (CFF) is a student-run, non-profit festival that runs in collaboration with Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (MHSoC) at Concordia University. Through screenings and events, we are able to display the works produced by the diverse range of filmmakers at MHSoC, and invited works from filmmakers around the globe. Almost 50 years old, it is the largest and oldest student-run film festival in North America and has become a main-stay of the film industry in Montreal.

Art Matters

Art Matters is North America’s largest student-run Art Festival. It is run by students, for students, to create work and creative opportunities that showcase early-career artists from all disciplines. Works range from theatre, new media, dance, sculpture, design, literature, film, and music and is a great way to engage with the art scene in Montreal. 

Cinema Politica

Cinema Politica is a media arts, non-profit network of community and campus locals that organize weekly pay-what-you-can screenings of independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists.

Double Negative Collective

Double Negative Collective is a Montreal-based group of film, video and installation artists interested in creating, curating and disseminating experimental film. Founded in 2004, DN evolved out of a MHSoC experimental film production course.



Afterimages is Concordia’s Undergraduate film magazine, we write articles about various film-related events around the world, and we feature student submissions in our magazine publication.

Nouvelles VUES sur le cinéma québécois

Founded by MA student Bruno Cornellier, Nouvelles VUES is an online exploration of Québéc cinema.


Offscreen is one of the longest running and best known online film journals in the English language. While not technically a student project, Offscreen was founded by MHSoC part-time faculty member Donato Totaro and routinely publishes work by MHSoC students.

Short Ends

A multimedia zine created by Concordia University Alumni concerned with creating critical and personal material that showcases thorough research, analytical, and interpretative thinking without ascribing to academic structures.  

Synoptique :: The Journal of Film and Film and Image Studies

Founded in 2003 by MA film students, Synoptique is an online student run journal now known around the world as a sophisticated and eclectic exploration of film and film communities.

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