Applications for Fall 2023

Deadline: March 1, 2023

Application and portfolios are accepted online only

The SlideRoom portfolio portal is now open. See step 4 below

Step 2: Create your portfolio  

Each work included in your portfolio should be presented with care. Take the time to document your work properly and collate individual works into a portfolio that is assembled into a structured and cohesive portfolio submission.

If you are applying to both the Film Animation and Film Production majors, you must provide one portfolio and an individual letter of intent for each program.

All portfolios must be submitted through the department's web application below.  

The department reserves the right to refuse any portfolios that do not conform to the guidelines.

What to include in your portfolio  

Step 3: Write your letter of intent

A letter of intent helps those considering your application to learn more about who you are as an artist and a student, how you express yourself in writing, and what your goals are within the program.

Your letter of intent must:

  • Indicate the program to which you are applying
  • Be one page in length (250-500 words), written in English or French with attention to grammar, punctuation and quality of writing

Film Animation

  • Describe your academic trajectory: are you applying directly from high school, CEGEP, or returning to school as a mature student? How did you hear about Concordia’s Film Animation Program?
  • Describe who you are as a fine artist, and why you would be a good fit for the Film Animation program. Explain your reasons for choosing Film Animation as a primary form of artistic expression
  • Describe your reasons for applying to a Fine Arts based animation program rather than an industry-oriented animation program.
  • Describe your past artistic achievements, short and long-term goals, expectations of the Film Animation program, and your artistic trajectory as a maker of independent animation.
  • Students wishing to be considered for a Grant Munro Entrance Scholarship are encouraged to include a brief autobiographical paragraph within their letter of intent indicating how a scholarship would impact their studies.

Film Production

  • Indicate your reasons for applying to the School of Cinema
  • Describe your expectations of the program
  • Explain your reasons for choosing cinema as your primary form of artistic expression
  • Discuss the work of specific artists – in any creative field – that have had an impact on your work and explain why
  • Describe your past achievements and your short and long-term goals as a maker of moving images.

Step 4: Submit your materials

Applicants must submit the portfolio directly to the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema via the online application. 

Film Production online application -- Upload Your Portfolio

Film Animation online application -- Upload Your Portfolio


  • Portfolio
  • Letter of intent

READY? Upload Your Portfolio at the Link in Step 4

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