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Sound & Video workshops

The Fine Arts Academic and Research offers an on-going series of online workshops in support of our Sound and Video facilities. HereĀ“s a brief description of the upcoming workshops:

Introduction to Field Recording
Designed to provide the basic concepts to undertake a personal field recording project.
Introduction to Microphones
An introduction to microphones and its specific sound recording applications.
Recording Voice
An introduction to voice recording techniques for interview and voice-over projects.
Sound Editing
In this workshop you will learn the basics of working with Reaper and be able to start working on your sound project.
Introduction to Sound Design
You will learn about sound design and editing techniques for use in film, web-based media, art installations, soundscape creations, or live and internet music performances.
Introduction to Sound Repairs
This workshop focuses on basic post-production techniques for solving common issues in sound and approaches to noise reduction.
Introduction to Digital Cinematography
Covering the basic principles and workflows to get started with digital cinema cameras and related equipment.
Lighting for Digital Cinema
This workshop provides the basic techniques of lighting for digital cinematography and audiovisual projects.
From Premiere to Resolve
This workshop is designed with the aim of helping Adobe Premiere users move existing projects to DaVinci Resolve.
Introduction to Video Editing
In this workshop, you will learn the basics you need to know to get started quickly in Da Vinci Resolve Studio, the complete post-production suite that includes all the functions for editing, color correcting, mixing and mastering videos.
Introduction to Color Correction
Aimed for more advanced users of Resolve, this workshop provides a step-by-step introduction to color correction and the use of tools to evaluate and correct hue, saturation, and contrast.
DCP Creation
Creating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for cinema and digital distribution of your feature film, short or trailer is now easier than ever. This workshop provides essential aspects of DCP creation in Da Vinci Resolve.  

By Request

Ongoing option for a one-on-one workshop for users of various workflows including Avid, ProTools, Premiere, Resolve, Colour Correction, Surround or MS Recording, DCP Production, Slow-Motion, Tape Based Workflows, Format Conversion etc.

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