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About the CDA audio video suites

  • All 11 standard suites are dedicated video and sound work environments. They all have good graphics cards and faster and more powerful computers as well as near-field sound monitors. 
  • There is one sound recording recording suite (VS 12) with a soundproof booth suitable for voice recording, foley or small intruments.
  • There is also one sound mixing suite (VS 10) for either stereo or multi-channel (5.1) mixing with ProTools HD, Logic X, Audition and Izotope RX.
  • Suite VS 06 has extra audio plug-ins and software.
  • VS 00 is a colour correction suite with a FSI color correction monitor and a Tangent control surface for Resolve Studio.
  • All rooms support video formats from SD to 4K RAW
  • Displays are color calibrated in all the rooms (excpetion of the mixing room and recording room).
  • Technical help is available during daytime CDA opening hours.

Working in the suites

  • The video and sound editing suites are only to be used for class-related projects using video, sound or graphics. You may be asked to leave if you are not working on an audio or video related project. 
  • If you are working with video we encourage you to get your own external drive. User accounts are deleted every Friday morning at 6 AM. If you are working on a longer RAW or higher bandwidth video project you can ask for local RAID storage from Phil Hawes but you will be restricted to using one particular suite.
  • Remote support is available in the suites. Use the chat on the CDA site or email Phil Hawes for more detailed support. Remote support can be for hardware (cameras, audio recorders, lights, display devices) and software, especially the Adobe CC applications as well as Pro Tools and DaVinci Resolve. If the issue cannot be resolved by email then it is possible to reserve a Zoom or MS teams meeting.

Booking the Audio and Video Suites

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