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About the CDA

The CDA (Centre for Digital Arts) is a unit of Fine Arts administration dedicated to providing computer and audio-visual services to Fine Arts faculty, staff, and students. Our primary objective is to provide curriculum support in the use of digital technology.

Our facilities and services

In addition to ensuring teaching staff have the resources and functionality they need, CDA offers desktop support and helpful articles in an extensive knowledge base.

The CDA manages the 2 York Amphitheatres along with 70 AV classrooms, conference rooms, research spaces and performing arts spaces in the ER, EV, FB, GM, MB and VA buildings. We also maintain 153 computers in 6 labs and 13 Audio Video Edit suites to deliver curriculum to Fine Arts students using software for video and sound editing, sound recording, 3D visual modelling, and game development. 

Get more information on CDA supported spaces.

Get more information on CDA Edit Suites.

Equipment is booked using the Patron Portal. If you haven't used it yet, view the tutorial.

  • The main equipment depot is in the EV Building.
  • Equipment depot in the MB building serves performing arts.
Get more information on the depots, including hours, rules and guidelines.

Students from performing arts have access to reserve time in one of 32 smart rooms. Get more information on performing arts spaces.

CDA also facilitates the submission of portfolios.

  • Desktop support for the Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Consulting services for the Faculty
  • Programming support for faculty, students and staff (issues related to our server environment). 
  • Tips with programming issues/problems (but not programming tutorials)
  • Equipment research and purchasing for the Faculty
  • Authentication servers (Active Directory) for CDA labs, Cinema and some Design labs
  • Software distribution, lab imaging and software update servers to support curriculum
  • Fine Arts file services for student, staff and faculty
  • Custom web applications and database management for the Faculty
  • Backup services for administrative offices and classes
  • Research support including server management

For more on these services, contact CDA.

  • Authentication servers (Active Directory) for CDA labs, Cinema and some Design labs
  • Website hosting for students, faculty, staff and research
  • Fine Arts staff and faculty file sharing server
  • Web applications and database management for the faculty
  • Research institute server administration (File sharing, web hosting, etc.)
  • Digital Image Repository database and its web interface

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To reach a particular individual, please consult the Concordia directory.

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