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Request Space on the FAMC

All Fine Arts students, faculty and researchers can request drive space on the FAMC, Fine Arts Media Cluster: a centralized, scalable, high performance digital media SAN suited to the demands of video and animation production.  

The FAMC can be used for working directly on video or animation projects via a 10 Gb ethernet connection. These connections are available in the EV5 CDA AV suites and the EV10 FAR AV suites and provide speeds of about 500 MB/s write and 750 MB/s read. Other Fine Arts computers can access the FAMC for transferring files, but the connection is not fast enough for working directly. 

There is 110 TB of drive space on the FAMC for individuals and groups for the duration of a semester or, in special cases, an academic year. Here is the usage policy. Please read the policy carefully to make sure you can make a request.

There are some common usage scenarios. Instructors can create group spaces for students who are working with the same source media. Researchers can create group spaces to work on common projects. Students who are lacking a fast external drive can work directly from the FAMC. 

For more information on the FAMC please contact the CDA.

Please submit this form to request space on the FAvideo volume of the FAMC.


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