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FAMC Usage Policy

This policy applies to the FAvideo volume on the FAMC (Fine Arts Media Cluster). This is the portion of the FAMC that is shared by all Fine Arts departments except for the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.

All registered undergraduate and graduate level Fine Arts students, outside of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, can request individual or group space on the FAvideo volume of the FAMC. MFA Cinema students are included in this group as they do not benefit from the technical support of the Mel Hoppenheim School. Only undergraduate students from the Mel Hoppenheim School who are registered in an Independent Study course may make a request for space on the FAvideo volume.

Fine Arts faculty members and research groups may request individual or group space on the FAvideo volume of the FAMC for their own research or for their classes. Faculty members in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema may only request space on the FAvideo volume for their own research.

The Fine Arts Media Cluster is a digital media SAN for working on class related or research related projects. It is not a space for archiving or backing-up projects. The projects must be active and demonstrate a need for a 10 Gb speed connection.  

The default size for one space is 500 GB but this space can be increased if required. The space can also be increased after its initial creation. The maximum allowable space for individuals is 4 TB and 6 TB for groups.  

The space is for one semester only and will be deleted one week after the end of that semester. There are three distinct semesters: fall, winter and summer. Users will receive a warning email towards the end of the semester indicating when the space will be deleted. A special request can be made for space for an entire academic year.

Individual spaces on the FAvideo volume are private and cannot be accessed by other users of the FAMC, except by authorized Faculty of Fine Arts or IITS employees. Likewise, group spaces can only be accessed by the members of that group.

Concordia‚Äôs Faculty of Fine Arts is not responsible for any loss or damage to data on the FAvideo volume of the FAMC. Always have a back-up of your media and project files.   

To request space on the FAvideo volume of the FAMC please fill out this form.

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