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Sound Studios

Recording Studio - EV10.515

** Access requires accreditation

The Recording Studio is a well-equipped, modestly-sized, three room facility. The studio is designed to be as flexible as possible for a wide variety of beginner and advanced users. The studio is a research facility better capable of handling small experimental workflows, voice-over and multi-tracking sessions.

Surround Studio - EV10.724

** Access requires accreditation

Suited for 5.1 surround sound mixing with possible configuration for other multi-channel mixing.

Sound Edit Suite - EV10.420

** No accreditation required

A suite for mastering stereo sound projects with accurate sound monitors in an acoustically treated room.

For more information


514-848-2424 ext. 4055


EV Office
1515 St. Catherine Street W.
Engineering and Visual Arts Complex‚Ä®
Room EV 10.802 (10th floor)

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