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Assistant Professor, Cinema
Canada Research Chair, Media and Migration, Cinema


Ishita Tiwary's research interests include video cultures, media infrastructures, migration, contraband media practices, and media aesthetics. She has published essays in Bioscope: South Asian Screen Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, JumpCutPost Script: Essays in Film and Humanities, Culture Machine,  MARG: Journal of Indian Art. 

Her first book Video Culture in India: The Analog Era (Oxford University Press, 2024) narrates the history of video technology in India since its introduction in the 1980s, locating the moment within the country's socio-political context. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of video technology in post-1980s India: one that speaks to its global history and context and fills the lacunae in the existing literature of the field. The monograph draws on diverse oral histories and forgotten archives to unravel the history of analog video in India. 

She is currently working on streaming platforms and their impact on media industries in India. She is also directs the research lab Raah which aims to examine the intersection of migratory processes and media practices.  Raah's project is a community-driven model, which hopes to bring together scholars, activists and community partners in a single space, becoming the first institutional hub in Canada for the study of media and migration.

video cultures, video platforms, media infrastructures, migration, informal media practices

Teaching activities

PhD Seminar: FMST 804A: Global Video Modernities 

Undergraduate Course: FMST 326A: Approaches to World Cinema: Cinema and the City

Undergraduate Course: FMST 319A: The Moving Image and Society

Undergraduate Course: FMST 335 A: A Contemporary Introduction to Indian Cinema

MA Seminar: FMST 602: Methods in Moving Image Studies

PhD Pro Seminar: FMST 807/2214A: Media and Migration

Undergraduate Course: FMST 204/2212A: Approaches to Film Studies I


Graduate Seminar:    FMST665/865 Genre Crossings: From Asia to Hollywood


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