• Lorrie Blair
    Professor, Art Education
    Fellow, School of Irish Studies

    Qualitative and studio-based research methods in art education, art-based ethics, thesis writing, teacher identity, teacher training, youth culture, visual culture, popular culture, photography, arts-based learning, body image, qualitative methods, pedagogy, higher education, teachers in popular culture, outsider/folk art, censorship
  • Aileen Pugliese Castro
    Senior Lecturer, Art Education

  • Juan Carlos Castro
    Professor, Art Education

    complex dynamic systems, arts-based learning, teaching training, social media, internet studies, urban futures, pedagogy, curriculum development, data visualization, place, democratic values, youth media, youth engagement, social justice education, youth culture, critical disability studies
  • Richard Lachapelle
    Professor, Art Education

    aesthetic development, museum education, arts-based learning, museology, viewer response, adult education, expert/non-expert, contemporary art, visual arts, public art, new media, exhibition, museum educator training, art practice, appreciation of art, artist residencies, qualitative methods
  • David Pariser
    Professor, Art Education

    teacher training, arts-based learning, critical thinking, creativity, aesthetic development, perception, psychosocial risk, cinema, visual representation, evolutionary psychology, juvenalia, gestalt perception, cross-cultural aesthetic response, ethnography, child development, youth development, models of graphic development, teacher identity, gifted children
  • Anita Sinner
    Professor, Art Education

    artwork scholarship, arts research, a/r/tography, arts-based pedagogies, international art education, history of education, material culture, life writing, social fiction, spatial design of classrooms, curriculum theory, sociology of education, community art education, and pre-service and in-service teacher education
  • MJ Thompson
    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies and Practices, Art Education

    performance studies, dance studies, writing and writing pedagogies, performing arts, gender and sexuality, feminist theory, movement, the body, embodiment, theories of everyday life, art and climate change, art and the environment
  • Kathleen Vaughan
    Concordia University Research Chair in Art + Education for Sustainable and Just Futures (Tier 1)
    Professor, Art Education
    Co-Director, Textiles and Materiality cluster, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology
    Member of the College of the Royal Society of Canada

    socially engaged art, public pedagogies, place, posthumanism, environmental justice, human-animal ethics, interdisciplinarity, science-art collaborations, museum education, research-creation, oral histories, mapping, walking, hand-based and digital textiles, photography, collage, audio walks, urban futures, community arts, St. Lawrence River, Montreal, Iceland
  • Vivek Venkatesh
    UNESCO co-Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism
    Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance
    Chair, Art Education
    Professor, Inclusive Practices in Visual Arts, Art Education
    Creator, Grimposium
    Director, Project SOMEONE (Social Media Education Every Day)
    Co-Founder, Landscape of Hate
    Co-Founder, Landscape of Hope
    Co-Founder, Halka

    radicalization, hate speech, public pedagogies, youth engagement, research-creation, social media, performance


Retired faculty

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