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Dr. jessie beier

Assistant Professor, Art Education

Dr. jessie beier
Office: S-EV 2.619  
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5199
Website(s): jessie beier website


jessie beier (MEd, PhD) is a teacher, artist, researcher, philosopher and conjurer of weird pedagogies for unthought futures. Working at the intersection of art, philosophy and pedagogy, jessie’s research-creation practice aims to mutate and upend dominant visions of educational futurity so as to speculate otherwise on pedagogical possibility in an era of ecocatastrophe. Bringing educational theory and practice in contact with contemporary conversations within fields such as Anthropocene studies, environmental feminisms, critical disability studies, queer ecological theory, energy humanities and extinction studies, jessie’s research aims to develop what she calls a weird pedagogy, or an experimental (albeit always insufficient) pedagogical anti-model, a speculative programme for the unprogrammable that seeks to actualize, in collective ways, desired pedagogical otherworlds. jessie’s teaching and research interests include pedagogy, curriculum and educational philosophy; youth studies and popular culture; post-human and post-critical methods; research-creation; media and communication studies (with a focus on sound and intermedia); cinema studies; environmental feminisms, queer futurity and (xeno)feminist theory; energy (in)humanities; speculative philosophy and philo-fictioning; extinction studies and ecological praxis in light of the (so-called) Anthropocene; and the interface of DeleuzoGuattarian philosophy with pedagogy.

Teaching Activities

Current & Upcoming Courses

ARTE 660/850 (Wi2024): Post-Human Pedagogies in Art Education

ARTE 680/880 (Wi2024): Foundations for Inquiry

Courses Taught

ARTE 422: Art Education in the Secondary School I (Fall 2023)

ARTE 424: Art Education in the Secondary School II (Winter 2024)

ARTE 425: Practicum in the Secondary School II (Winter 2024)

ARTE 432: Community Art Education (Fall 2023)

ARTE 670/870: Critical Perspectives on Art Education History (Fall 2023)

ARTE 672/872: Advanced Critical Analysis (Winter 2024)

Research Interests

Post-qualitative and post-human methods in art education, pedagogy, research-creation, speculative philosophy, curriculum development, teacher training, arts-based learning, community art education, future studies, cinema, popular culture, media and communication studies, sound studies and sonic practices, video and immersive installation, design and illustration, youth culture, environmental and social justice education, Anthropocene studies, feminist science and technology studies, critical disability studies, queer theory, critical animal studies, post/psychoanalytic theory, extinction studies.

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