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Andrew Forster, PhD

Part-Time Faculty, Studio Arts
Part-Time Faculty, Art Education
Part-Time Faculty, Art History
Part-time Faculty, Design and Computation Arts

Andrew Forster, PhD

Andrew is a working artist, curator and writer. His practice includes performance, choreographic projects, video installation and work for public space. Past work: a production of Samuel Beckett's That Time; a design for an entrance to Place des Arts, Montreal (with architects Atelier Big City);  En masse, a movement project for seventy people (with choreographer Suzanne Miller); Cinéma, an outdoor performance for an audience seated indoors at the Société des arts technologiques, Montréal. Recent work: Mer Parguayenne, a building wrapped in language - a collaboration with Montreal poet Erín Moure based on the writing of Wilson Bueno (ConU EV building, 2017; photo below) and the video installation The Machine Stops, a fiction about the end of the world, recorded in Chandigarh, India (2019 - Recent curatorial work includes seeing and not seeing, an exhibition of cowhide works by Concordia artist Mindy Yan Miller for Fondation André Forestier - Institute for the Unknown, Montreal (2021 - AF’s research looks at art practice as a strange gesture for investigating the designed world and at the collision zone between art and design as a vital public space in itself. His  Humanities PhD at Concordia was Clairvoyant Practices for the Designed World - The Job of the Artist is to De-Design (2020 - intro at


  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax
  • Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Concordia University, Montreal

Research interests

practices called 'making'; the contested public space between art & design; art as clairvoyant practice; performance and public space

Areas of expertise

studio, cross-disciplinary practice, critical design practice, art in public space, design studies, theories of practice

Paraguayan Sea at FOFA Gallery
Photo credit: Guy l'Heureux

Teaching (2020-22)

ARTH 262 - Aspects of the History of Drawing - The Performative Line (summer 2022)

ARTE 606 - Graduate Studio (winter 2022)

DART 292 - Bio-Inspired Objects / 3-d Studio (winter 2022)

DART 262 - Exploring Design Studies - Thinking Through Making (winter 2022)

ARTH 262 - Aspects of the History of Drawing - The Performative Line (summer 2021)

ARTE 352 - Light Based Media (photo studio) (winter 2021)

ARTX 380 - Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices (winter 2021)

ARTE 352 - Light Based Media (photo studio) (winter 2020)

ARTX 280 - Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices (winter 2020)

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