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Andrew Forster, PhD

Part-Time Faculty, Studio Arts
Part-Time Faculty, Art Education
Part-Time Faculty, Art History
Part-time Faculty, Design and Computation Arts

Andrew Forster, PhD

Andrew is a working artist, curator and writer. His practice includes performance,choreographic projects, video installation and work for public space. Recent work: Mer Parguayenne, a building wrapped in language - a collaboration with Montreal poet Erín Moure based on the writing of Wilson Bueno (ConU EV building, 2017; photo below) and the video installation The Machine Stops,a fiction about the end of the world, recorded in Chandigarh, India (2019 - Recent curatorial work includes seeing and not seeing, an exhibition of cowhide works by Concordia artist Mindy Yan Miller for the Fondation André Forestier Montreal (2021 - His most recent video, No Bottom, is an exploration of the scores and improvisation of violinist-composer Malcolm Goldstein (FIFA, 2023). AF’s research looks at art practice as a strange gesture for investigating the designed world and at the collision zone between art practice and the designed world as an important and contested public space. His Huma PhD at Concordia was Clairvoyant Practices for the Designed World - The Job of the Artist is to De-Design (2020 - intro at


  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax
  • Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands
  • Concordia University, Montreal

Research interests

practices called 'making'; the contested public space between art & design; art as clairvoyant practice; performance and public space

Areas of expertise

studio, cross-disciplinary practice, critical design practice, design studies, theories of practice

Paraguayan Sea at FOFA Gallery
Photo credit: Guy l'Heureux

Teaching (2020-24)

ARTH 354 - Radical Animisms: Art Practices and Nature(s)

ARTH 383 - The Counterfactual Possibilities of Art in a Designed World (summer 2023)

ARTH 262 - Aspects of the History of Drawing - The Performative Line (summer 2022)

ARTE 606 - Graduate Studio (winter 2022)

DART 292 - Bio-Inspired Objects / 3-d Studio (winter 2022)

DART 262 - Exploring Design Studies - Thinking Through Making (winter 2022)

ARTH 262 - Aspects of the History of Drawing - The Performative Line (summer 2021)

ARTE 352 - Light Based Media (photo studio) (winter 2021)

ARTX 380 - Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices (winter 2021)

ARTE 352 - Light Based Media (photo studio) (winter 2020)

ARTX 280 - Integrated Studio in Contemporary Art Practices (winter 2020)

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