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Health plan

Employees of Concordia university please click here to access Carrefour, the intranet.  All the information for employees is now located on Carrefour, the intranet for faculty and staff.

The Concordia Health Plan helps you and your insured eligible dependents pay for certain health-related expenses, in case of personal illness or injury.

While the plan covers many services and procedures, including telemedicine through Lumino Health Virtual Care, there are some exclusions and limitations. Check your plan on Carrefour if you foresee any unusual expenses.

Inpatriates and non residents must be covered under a provincial health insurance plan or an inpatriate health plan such as the one offered by Sun Life, our benefit provider, to be eligible for the Concondia’s health plan.

Students: Undergraduate and graduate students can learn about the Concordia Student Health Plan through the "Student Care" website.


If you are a full-time employee or a part-time employee covered under the Comprehensive Health Plan, the following provisions apply. However, if you are a part-time employee covered under the RAMQ Drug Plan Equivalent, you are covered for the drugs listed on the RAMQ formulary; for more details, go to the government plan site.

Current Coverage
Annual deductible $60 per adult, maximum $120 per family
Percentage reimbursed subject to the deductible and certain limits:
RAMQ drugs

80% (or 100% once these annual eligible expenses, including eligible medical and paramedical expenses, exceed $2,000 per family in a benefit year)*

As of May 1, 2024: Introducing mandatory generic drug substitution to the Concordia Health Plan. Read the full notice.

Medical and paramedical expenses (including paramedical practitioners) 80% (or 100% once these annual eligible expenses, including the portion of any drugs paid by a provincial drug plan, exceed $2,000 per family in a benefit year)*
Psychologists and psychiatrists 50%
Vision care (depending on your eligible employee group) 80%
Percentage reimbursed NOT subject to the deductible but subject to certain limits:
Non-RAMQ drugs 50%
Emergency care and travel assistance outside your province of residence 100%
Hospital care (semiprivate room in a public general hospital or a licensed convalescent hospital) 100%
Maximum lifetime reimbursement
  • Emergency care and travel assistance:
    $1 million per insured person
  • All other eligible expenses combined:
    $1 million per insured person

*Note: for each benefit year, the Plan provides that, once the combined expenses for RAMQ drugs and major medical services reaches $2,000 such expenses will be reimbursed at 100% for the rest of the benefit year.

This annual eligible expense maximum of $2,000 does not apply to:

  • non-RAMQ drugs;
  • vision care; and
  • the services of psychologists and psychiatrists

Please refer to the Eligible expenses section on Carrefour for a list of various covered expenses under each type of service as well as the Exclusions and limitations section.

Concordia faculty and staff covered under the Comprehensive Health Plan can also sign in to their Sun Life account to submit a claim, review their coverage information, access special offers and more.

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