Pension & benefits

Employees of Concordia university please click here to access Carrefour (the intranet) for more information.

Inpatriates and non residents must be covered under a provincial health insurance plan or an inpatriate health plan such as the one offered by Sun Life our benefit provider to be eligible to the Concondia’s health plan.

Students: Undergraduate and graduate students can learn about the Concordia Student Health Plan through the "Student Care" website.

In which plans can you and your eligible dependents participate?

That depends on your eligible employee group.

Select your eligible employee group below and begin a quick tour of your benefits.

Please note that information from Collective Agreements or Agreements supersedes information in this guide.

Pension plan

The Concordia Pension Plan is a worry-free way to save for retirement. It provides benefits that are defined ahead of time based on a set formula using your pensionable earnings and years of credited service.

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