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Fax number

What is your fax number?
Human Resources & Payroll: (514) 848-2844
Employee Relations: (514) 848-4229

Documents and forms

I need a copy of a document or a form. Who do I contact?

For your convenience, many of the HR forms and documents are available on the intranet in a portable data file (PDF) format or in an electronic format you can complete electronically. Please visit our Forms page on Carrefour.

If you require paper copies of documents or forms, please call the department receptionist at 3666.

Holidays and holiday benefits

As a Concordia employee, what are my benefits, vacation, etc.?

Vacation entitlements and benefits coverage are explained in the collective agreements and in the HR policies of the University. Should you require additional clarification, please call the Human Resources general number at extension 3666. The department receptionist will transfer you to the appropriate contact person.

What statutory holidays should employees on time sheets (casual employees) be paid for?

Statutory holidays are in accordance with the Provincial legislation, as described in the Employment Standards Act and the Loi sur la fête nationale: Time sheet employees are entitled to each of the listed holidays and are paid for each holiday at the rate of 1/20 of the wages earned in the four weeks preceding the statutory holiday, excluding any overtime pay. This pay will be calculated by the HR system for payment to time sheet employees.

Do time sheet (casual) employees get paid for the Christmas break?

Casual employees are not paid for days that are not designated as holidays under Provincial legislation. Only Christmas and New Year’s Day are defined statutory holidays. Please refer to the preceding question, as to payment of the holidays.

Maternity, Paternity, and Parental Leave

Where can I find information on the new Quebec parental insurance plan?
Please visit the Quebec government's Emploi et Solidarité sociale web site (English | French)

Change of address

I've moved... How do I inform you of my change of address?
Your contact information can be conveniently updated online through the My HR application. The link to access My HR can lso be found on Carrefour's My CU Account page.

Confirmation of employment

I need a letter of attestation of employment for my mortgage (or any purpose you may need it for), where can I get one?
Simply e-mail your request, with the exact information needed in the letter (title, salary, dates of employment, etc.) to:


Medical Insurance

What is our policy plan number for Health Insurance?
Our policy plan number for Sun Life Health Insurance is 103424.
Is our Vision Care covered on the Extended Health Claim Form?
Yes, eligible employees are covered under the Sun Life plan #103424.
What is our policy plan number for the Dental Plan?
Our policy plan number for the Sun Life Dental Plan is 103424. 
You can obtain a copy of the Dental or of the Extended Health Claim forms from our forms section on the intranet (Carrefour), or by accessing the Sun Life Financial website.
What is covered?
For detailed information on your coverage under the dental, vision and health plan, please consult eligible expenses under the Health Plan or Dental Plan on the intranet (Carrefour).
I am traveling out of the country... does our health insurance cover this and do we have health coverage cards?
Our health insurance covers medical emergency expenses incurred abroad. For detailed information on your coverage, call Sun Life at 1-800-361-6212. To obtain a Health coverage card, please contact Sun Life or log into your mysunlife.ca portal.
I would like to change my health coverage from single to family, from family to single, etc. How do I go about it?
Please e-mail your request to hr-employeeservices@concordia.ca. They will send you appropriate forms to be filled. You can also take advantage of our drop-in times on Tuesday mornings or Thursday afternoons.
I would like to change my beneficiaries. How do I go about it?
Please email your request to pensions@concordia.ca. Pension Services will send you the appropriate forms. You can also take advantage of their drop-in times on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.
If applicable, you may change your beneficiary designation for your Basic and Optional Life Insurance Plans offered through Sun Life at any time, provided your designation is not irrevocable (subject to provincial legislation). For further information please contact hr-employeeservices@concordia.ca. They will send you the appropriate forms.


How is the value of a job determined?
The job content is thoroughly reviewewd, and graded against a job evaluation plan with factors and sub-factors. Each factor and sub-factor is assigned a value. The final grade is based on the total value of each factor.
Additional tasks have been added to my profile. Will my grade change?
It depends on the complexity of these additional tasks, how significant they are in relation to the other job duties and responsibilities.
I acquired additional education while employed at Concordia, would I be entitled to any compensation?
Please refer to your respective collective agreement on how it treats educational increases. Should you be eligible please provide your Employment Advisor with a copy of your transcript reflecting that your degree has been conferred or the number of successful credits completed, along with a letter from your supervisor supporting your request. Should your request be approved, the effective date that will be used for your educational increase will be the date that we received your request.
Why is my job paid differently when compared to another University?
This can be due to various factors such as:
  • Title may be similar but content may differ.
  • Concordia's Pay Policy may differ from another employer.
  • You may be referring to a specific employee's salary in which he/she may have more experience or years of service therefore, earning a salary positioned closer to the maximum.
  • Hours of work may differ and this could have an impact on salary
What if there is a disagreement with the job content?
The departmental Manager or Director is held accountable for determining the final job content and description. The Manager should be approached if an employee has any issues or questions with the job content.
I would like to ask one of my employees to take on additional duties for a temporary basis. How do I go about requesting additional compensation (stipend) for my employee?
Eligibility is determined in accordance with the respective collective agreement. You will need to fill out an Additional Compensation Form approved by you and your Immediate Supervisor and then should be submitted to HR Compensation Unit for assessment.
Where can I find information pertaining to pay equity?
Information can be found on the following link: equity.concordia.ca

Employee and labour relations

The following section contains summary answers to frequently asked questions about Labour Relations, collective agreements, and the collective bargaining process. Most answers are derived from the Québec Labour Code.


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