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Meet Human Resources

Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome to the Concordia University Human Resources web pages. We offer an array of services and programs to support and assist you in your work at the university.

Concordia is a community of talented and dedicated individuals who together, make Concordia a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming environment for you to work, learn and grow. We value openness and excellence, and provide the tools necessary for you to work in a secure and respectful workplace.

We are proud of our unique history, the contributions we have made and continue to make each and every day, to the lives of students, faculty and staff. At our core, we value people in all their roles, their individual contributions to the university, and know that people matter and make the difference to our collective success.

These web pages contain information for current and prospective faculty, staff and retired employees. These pages are for you. Let us know what you think. We are interested in hearing from you and value your opinions.

We look forward to your contributions to the university and to hearing from you.

Carolina Willsher
Associate Vice-President, Human Resources


Mission, vision and principles

Human Resources supports the university in reaching its goals through specialized services and strategic advisory services. We assist in recruiting, developing, engaging and retaining a talented workforce and in building sustainable capacity.

We provide faculty and staff with valued programs that encourage development and engagement, as well as valuable and efficient client-oriented services to fulfill their employment and human resources management needs.

To be a sought-after and trusted advisor that is integral to the university's strategic and operational decision-making processes, advances the capabilities of management and employees, and offers efficient and valuable programs and services that help recruit, develop, renew, engage and retain a talented workforce.

  • Actively listen to clients, fully grasp their needs and propose timely answers and solutions;
  • Show flexibility, responsiveness and initiative in supporting the Concordia community;
  • Provide effective tools, programs, and services to help Concordia University recruit, develop, engage and retain a talented workforce;
  • Be honest with clients and demonstrate that we deliver what we say we will deliver;
  • Work together in a cohesive and respectful manner to provide an integrated and positive experience to our clients;
  • Strive for excellence in the spirit of continuous improvement;
  • Ensure consistency and efficiency when delivering core HR services;
  • Provide support to managers so that they can fulfill their HR management accountabilities; and
  • Provide support to employees to enhance their engagement and pride in Concordia.

Concordia's core values


Concordia values the openness and respect necessary to provide opportunities to a highly diverse workforce. Enabling faculty and staff to make a progressive impact on their world in ways that respect and engage the uniqueness of each individual is a hallmark of Concordia.

Quality of life

Concordia values a secure and respectful workplace. Concordia is committed to promoting a healthy, safe and sustainable campus and to enhance the quality of life of the community in which we live.


Concordia values curiosity about the world around us, respectful engagement with those who inhabit it, and strong determination to improve it.

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